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Tamar Braxton Antics Angering Braxton Family Values Viewers

Tamar Braxton Antics Angering Braxton Family Values Viewers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton’s antics and attitude are slowly angering Braxton Family Values viewers. Tamar Braxton is set to star in her own Braxton Family Values spinoff in the coming months. But it remains unknown if broadcaster WeTV has seen a quick progressive of viewers threatening to turn off the channel altogether because of Tamar.

Tamar Braxton is promoted by WeTV as the “most outspoken of the Braxton’s six children”. But that difficult balance between outspoken and obnoxious is slowly tilted against WeTV, claim viewers of its own show. WeTV recently asked viewers to express their thoughts about Tamar on their website. But of forty-seven comments, virtually all of them featured viewers telling WeTV that they are slowly growing intolerable of Tamar’s attitude, behavior, and treatment of her sisters on the reality show.

Many viewers have recently been expressing to WeTV that Tamar is hurting, not helping, the program with her on-camera attitude. “Tamar is so draining and a huge distraction for me and clearly others who watch and enjoy the show” wrote one of the viewers. “She has some serious deep rooted issues and her entitled attitude is so out of line, especially when she has the nerve to treat people the way she does.”

While WeTV thinks viewers want to see more of Tamar, that is not the response by comments. “I think that Tamar is so [horrible]  … I wish she would get off the show and go and do her own thing like she is always ranting that she wants to do.” Others call her “exhausting” to watch, and not entertaining.

While Tamar this season has dominated on-air screen time, viewers are repeatedly commenting that they wish her screen time be reduced. “If it weren’t for her other sisters being completely different then her, I wouldn’t watch this season” one fan wrote.

Elsewhere the reaction is arguably worse. On Sister2Sister Magazine, viewers claim Tamar is hurting the show from improving. “I am getting tired of this show. Tamar throws a tantrum each show and everyone else falls behind.” Another added “I’m real tired of the Tamar show”.

LALATE has previously predicted that Braxton Family Values could, if done right, grow into a ratings giant. But in season two, the show, now heading into its tenth episode, has not improved. After a strong season two premiere, the show  since episode two has not improved substantially in the ratings.


  1. Melanie Evers-Parker

    March 4, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Tamar Is A HotMess,,B N On A Reality TV Show Do Not Make U A Superstar,N Her Mind She Thinks So,,When She Gets 2Ranting&Acting Like She 12With No Home Training I Turn The TV,I Wouldn’t Watch Her&Vince Show If They Paid Me,,,I Don’t Like Her And She Shouldn’t B On TV,,She Was TryN Never Can B Like Beyonce’,People Got On Her Bout That,B4 That Terrible SoulTrain Performance She TryN 2Go Like Mrs.Nick Cannon,,That Ain’t Cool Either,She Plastic As My Wells Fargo Card,Earth 2Wack a** Tamar I Have 2Earn B N A Superstar With Millions Of Fans,Millions Of Albums Or CD’s Sold,WeTV Please Don’t Give Het A Show,We Will Not Watch Here N Pittsburg Cali,,,,,,,

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