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Domnica Cemortan Photos Defend Francesco Schettino on Facebook

Domnica Cemortan Photos Defend Francesco Schettino on Facebook

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Domnica Cemortan (photos below) defended Francesco Schettino on Facebook today. Domnica Cemortan aka Dominica Cermotan released pictures and a news statement defending Francesco Schettino, the captain of the Costa Concordia ship, today on Facebook. The news statement comes hours after her news interview on local television.

Domnica Cemortan did not state if she is Francesco Schettino’s girlfriend. But she said that she knows him well. She disputes key evidence in Italian prosecutors’ allegations against the captain. At issue is the claim about the captain not being on deck when his ship crashed.

Domnica Cemortan is from Moldova. This week, she first appeared on her country’s Jurnal TV. She told news that she has first hand knowledge that Francesco Schettino saved more than three thousand lives. Next, she claimed that allegations about the captain’s drinking in the bar are false.

Domnica Cemortan Pictures Set 1
Domnica Cemortan Photo 1

Domnica Cemortan Photo 2

Domnica Cemortan Photo 3

Domnica Cemortan Photo 4

As earlier reported on LALATE, witnesses claim that the ship hit the massive rock while Francesco Schettino was romancing a woman in the ship’s bar. They also claim that he abandoned ship, an assertion since verified by audio of Francesco Schettino released by the Italian Coast Guard.

But Dominica Cermotan is telling news that Schettino was not in the ship’s bar at the time of the crash. Rather she claims, that when the ship hit the rock, Schettino was on the deck with her. She tells news that other officers and the cruise director were also present and will verify her testimony.

Domnica Cemortan Pictures Set 2
Domnica Cemortan Photo 5
Domnica Cemortan Photo 6
Domnica Cemortan Photo 7
Domnica Cemortan Photo 8

Dominica Cermotan goes to claim that she and the captain ate in a room next to the deck moments later. She says that he was not in the bar romancing a random woman.

Domnica Cemortan Pictures Set 3
Domnica Cemortan Photo 9
Domnica Cemortan Photo 10
Domnica Cemortan Photo 11
Domnica Cemortan Photo 12

Italian news today reporting that Dominica Cermotan is 25 and has told her local news that she was on the bridge of the bridge of the Costa Concordia with Schettino when the ship crashed. She details a sitting room next to the helm of the ship. She tells news that the sitting room is covered in glass and she could watch the captain on deck. In the deck, she claims to have observed the captain with his crew when the rock was hit.

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