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Monique Amin Photos from Big Brother Brasil Prompt Daniel Echaniz Investigation

Monique Amin Photos from Big Brother Brasil Prompt Daniel Echaniz Investigation fotos escandalo

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Monique Amin photos and video from Big Brother Brasil have prompted a Daniel Echaniz investigation by police. Monique Amin in pictures and videos released online show the model allegedly asleep during the encounter. Amin has yet to comment to news about the matter; but she did speak about it during the telecast the next morning.

Monique Amin fotos had dominated Brazil news for days because of her appearance on Big Brother Brasil 12 (aka Big Brother Brazil season twelve). The show, by some standards is far more popular than its American counterpart. One hundred and fifty-four million people voted for last year’s Big Brother Brasil winner. The show has garnered an average eight million viewers, weekly.

So when viewers were watching last Sunday’s telecast of the reality show, many questioned what was going on between Daniel Echaniz and Amin. On Saturday night, members of the cast had been drinking. By evening, Monique Amin went to bed.

Monique Amin Pictures Set 1
Monique Amin Photo 1
Monique Amin Photo 2
Monique Amin Photo 3
Monique Amin Photo 4

In video released online, Amin appears in bed. Unconfirmed news reports claim that Monique Amin was asleep in that bed as night vision cameras began to record her. Also unconfirmed reports claim that Amin had previously passed out from alcohol consumption.

In the photos, Monique Amin is under the sheets. Her face is in her pillow. She appears to be in a sleeping position. As the night vision camera rolled, Daniel is shown getting into the bed alongside Amin.

Daniel Echaniz is a 31 year old male model. Amin is a 23 year old student. From there, it remains in dispute what happened. Police are trying to determine if what was recorded on tape was non-consensual relations by Echaniz, or if any relations actually occurred. They are also trying to determine if Amin was unconscious, asleep, or awake

The next morning, Amin allegedly appears on camera. In the dairy room, when asked about last night, she reportedly doesn’t recall the encounter.

Police have now descended on Globo studios. Police have told Globo to halt the show (produced by Endemol) or kick Echaniz off the show. Echaniz was thereafter removed from the show. But the escandalo hasn’t ended there.

Monique Amin Pictures Set 2
Monique Amin Photo 5
Monique Amin Photo 6
Monique Amin Photo 7
Monique Amin Photo 8

Police inspector Antonio Ricardo L. Nunes was dispatched to the Big Brother house. He would not detail to news what he found. But on Monday, Big Brother Brazil presenter Pedro Bial told news and viewers “We analyzed images that show a violation of the rules of the program. Following careful study, the program’s management found that the behavior of the participant … was gravely inadequate.”

Mr. Echaniz’s mother Maria Aparecida Echaniz claims her son was removed from the show only because of his skin color. Echaniz, who is mixed, “is the victim of racism” said his mother. “There have already been (such incidents on the show) and they didn’t have such consequences.”

Monique Amin Pictures Set 3
Monique Amin Photo 9
Monique Amin Photo 10
Monique Amin Photo 11
Monique Amin Photo 12

Bial has also told news “Since Sunday morning, the board had been evaluating the behavior of Daniel, who is suspected of having infringed the rules of the programme. Big Brother examined his behavior without jumping to conclusions and with the utmost care. The images showed a breach of the rules of the programme.

Monique Amin Pictures Set 4
Monique Amin Photo 13
Monique Amin Photo 14
Monique Amin Photo 15
Monique Amin Photo 16

“After careful evaluation, the direction of the programme found that the behavior of the contestant on the night of the party was seriously inadequate.”

Police are still investigating the matter. The Daily Mail claims that Amin was interviewed, initially, by police for three hours, photographed, and taken to a medical center for evaluation.

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