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“Property Virgins” Shocker: What Happened to Sandra Rinomato?

Property Virgins Shocker: What Happened to Sandra Rinomato

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What happened to Sandra on “Property Virgins”? What did HGTV do with Sandra from Property Virgins? When Property Virgins returns tonight, two episodes will air. At 9 pm, a repeat featuring Sandra Rinomato will air. For years, Sandra has been the face of the hit reality show. In fact, many contend Sandra has been one the best HGTV hosts in the home-shopping format.

But when Property Virgins returns with a new episode thirty minutes later, Sandra will be gone. In her place is Egypt Sherrod. It’s enough to cause viewers to shout “make it right Mike”. But even Mike Holmes can’t fix the programming inspection dilemma tonight.

In recent weeks, HGTV has been premiering the return of its long-loved reality show Property Virgins, but indicating to news that it has a new host. HGTV has yet to detail extensively when they opted go with a new host for this season. Even more ironic, tonight’s episode “As Luck Would Have It” appears on HGTV’s webpage with a picture of Sandra and a description about Egypt.

In January, Sandra told news what happened. “Thank you to all of my wonderful fans, who take the time to write such kind things on facebook, twitter and e-mail. After 130 episodes and 10 seasons, I have chosen to give up Property Virgins in favor of my new show called Buy Herself. We are currently in production for HGTV Canada and are scheduled to premier in March 2012. I hope that the show will get picked up for the US territory as well, since I have such devoted fans!”

Yes, Sandra is not returning to Property Virgins but hopes to be back on TV this spring. “I am really excited about the new show as it delves into the very change that is happening around us. For the first time in history, a significant number of women are buying real estate on their own, taking charge of their financial situations, whether they have delayed marriage, decided not to marry, or belong to the stat that says 41% of marriages end in divorce. Women buying real estate is not a fad, it’s history in the making and I am very proud to be a part of it on TV.”

Sandra tells news that the show will be her best ever. “The show is filled with fun and drama, and will entertain and inform. I can’t wait for you all to see it! Thanks for your loyalty and all of your incredible comments today and always! Love to you all, Sandra.”


  1. Sharon

    November 11, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Well, now we know just how this all turned out. Now both the show and Sandra are gone. PHOOEY!

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