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Is the Post Office Open on Martin Luther King Day?

Is the Post Office Open on Martin Luther King Day

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Is the Post Office Open on Martin Luther King Day? The Post Office reminds news that its branches are not open on Martin Luther King Day. There won’t be mail delivery on Martin Luther King Day as well, USPS reports to news. Banks will be closed as well along with federal and state offices.

The Post Office reminded news last week that all federal, state, and local government offices will be closed on MLK day. Moreover, courts will be dark. Government agencies will be closed both at a national, state, and local level. Federal employees will have the day off along with employees of state and local governments, departments and agencies.

Commercial businesses (malls, movie theaters, and mass transport) will all remain open with many offering deep retail discounting today. Banks and U.S. Post Offices for MLK follow federal guidelines. Public schools do the same. But stores and businesses turn those government closures into an opportunity for deep discounting.

Each year, the United States Postal Service publishes their Postal Holiday. The 2012 Postal Holidays follow federal guidelines. In some cases, adjustments are made as to when the holiday is observed. OPM, the Office of Personnel Management, reminds news that the next federal closures will be Monday February 20, Monday May 28, and Wednesday July 4 to recognize Washington’s birthday, Memorial Day, and Independence Day respectively.

In related news, the USPS in December said that it will delay the closure of Post Office Branches until May of this year. “The U.S. Postal Service, in response to a request made by multiple U.S. Senators, has agreed to delay the closing or consolidation of any Post Office or mail processing facility until May 15, 2012.” USPS added “The Postal Service will continue all necessary steps required for the review of these facilities during the interim period, including public input meetings.”

The agency told news that “The Postal Service hopes this period will help facilitate the enactment of comprehensive postal legislation.”

But it warned that other cost cutting measures will have to be adopted to handle growing expenditures in a tight economic environment. “Given the Postal Service’s financial situation and the loss of mail volume, the Postal Service must continue to take all steps necessary to reduce costs and increase revenue.”

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