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The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers Reveal Winner and Who Ben Flajnik Picks

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers Reveal Winner and Who Ben Flajnik Picks

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2012 spoilers have revealed the season winner and who Ben Flajnik chooses. The Bachelor 2012 spoilers leaked online have already revealed who wins The Bachelor 2012 season, who makes the final four, who Ben Flajnik picks, and who gets engaged to Flajnik. In the same week in which RealitySteve revealed everything above and more, RealitySteve confirmed news he is being sued by the producers behind The Bachelor.

Reality show leaks are not unusual. For nearly three years, many of the VH-1 reality show leaks that have hit online have been completely accurate. Several of the FOX leaks about American Idol that have made news in the last two seasons have been accurate season to season.

But RealitySteve from the Bachelorette, to Bachelor Pad 2, and of course The Bachelor, has dominated news for his seemingly perfect spoiler leaks, sometimes by episode, and always about the winner. Now The Bachelor’s production company is suing the man behind RealitySteve.

Courtney Robertson Purported Bachelor Winner Pictures
Courtney Robertson Photo 1
Courtney Robertson Photo 2
Courtney Robertson Photo 3
Courtney Robertson Photo 4

The producers claim that RealitySteve sent a November 17, 2010 email to a participant on The Bachelor. The complaint claims the email read as follows “Let me just say, I’m very well aware of your contract. I also know that over 500 contestants have been on this show and not one of them has ever been sued for the $5 million. It’s just a scare tactic. Trust me. Just like they had no idea you sent me that last email, they’ll have no idea about any correspondence either. I know you’re scared and a little paranoid by it, but don’t be. Unless they are hacking your email or tapping your phone, there’s absolutely no way for them to find out.”

The complaint continues to claim that RealitySteve wrote another email which read “Since you are a student, and I know you have loans up the ying-yang, I’d be willing to compensate you…I swear, this is the easiest money you’d ever make and you and I are the only two people that would know.”

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 2
Courtney Robertson Photo 5
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The complaint further alleged that, on August 12, 2011 and November 22, 2011, the producers sent a cease-and-desist letter to RealitySteve. RealitySteve has denied any wrong doing. His lawyer has told plaintiffs’ lawyers “There has in fact been no interference with your clients’ participant contracts, and your assumption about alleged disclosures of information by any such participants as stated in your letter is incorrect.”

On December 12, RealitySteve issued a statement denying the allegations. Two days later, RealitySteve published a four page article. In it, he leaks online the purported names of the final four contestants on The Bachelor 2012, who alleged gets eliminated first, where the final rose ceremony is alleged located, and who alleged gets the second elimination.

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 3
Courtney Robertson Photo 9
Courtney Robertson Photo 10
Courtney Robertson Photo 11
Courtney Robertson Photo 12

He then reveals the alleged final two and the alleged winner of the Bachelor 2012 season. The case is NZK Productions Inc et al v. Stephen Carbone et al. The answer to the complaint has yet to be filed.

So who wins the Bachelor 2012? In the end, RealitySteve says the final four contestants are Kacie Boguskie, Courtney Robertson, Nicky Sterling, and Lindzi Cox. After the hometown dates, Kacie Boguskie is sent home. The finale heads to Switzerland where Nicky is eliminated, claims RealitySteve.

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 4
Courtney Robertson Photo 13
Courtney Robertson Photo 14
Courtney Robertson Photo 14
Courtney Robertson Photo 16

The final rose is held at Sunnegga, RealitySteve reports with Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson as the final two. And who wins? Courtney Robertson wins the Bachelor 2012, RealitySteve claims. He also claims that Ben and Courtney Robertson are now engaged.


  1. Justin

    February 28, 2012 at 9:09 am

    You’ll watch the show again, stop lying to yourselves! All women love drama, that’s why you always fight with every other woman you know! HAHAHA! Courtney is the Hottest!

  2. Gabby

    May 30, 2012 at 12:30 am

    I don’t even know why Ben would pick such a shallow person to spend his life with. you want someone who’ll back u up not drag u down in publicity!!! Emily’s season is great though I see alot of great guys in that one. If i went on the Bachelor/Bachelorette show though I wouldnt try to cause drama . my question is why in the world did Ben choose her he didnt care enough about the other girls to even think about what he’s doing…I hope he’s happy with Courtney and himself. everyone deserves a chance at love just not this way, hav a good life Ben have a good life!

  3. Gabby

    May 30, 2012 at 12:43 am

    10 bad things about Courtney::::
    was not even there for the right reasons
    saw it as a game and that she was winning
    was fake
    broke the rules(along with idiotic Ben)
    did not care
    in it to win it
    very selfish
    (oh yeah and did i mention mean,huh i did mustuv forgotten)
    P.S she totally got what she u know WANTED.

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