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Beyonce Baby Photos Hunt Prompt Pandemonium About Child’s Birth

Beyonce Baby Photos Hunt Prompt Pandemonium About Child's Birth

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The hustle for Beyonce baby photos has sent photographers to the wrong New York hospital today. Beyonce’s first baby pictures were not obtained by New York news today. But if you believe British reports, UK news is claiming they have the pictures – when they don’t have anything. In England today, many of their leading celebrity news sites are using Twitter as the source of their reports, claiming that Beyonce has given birth to Tiana-May Carter. But other reports claim that Tiana-May is not Beyonce’s child at all.

First, the London Mirror’s headline today reads “Beyonce’s baby – Tiana-May Carter’s first pictures”. The bizarre news article claims to boast the first pictures of Beyonce’s baby, and claims that the child’s name is Tiana-May. The article however has no pictures of any baby, and offers zero support that the child is or will be named Tiana May. Even more hilarious, the British news report claims “The good news is that Beyonce has now apparently given birth” and cites itself as the source of the “good news” with a second story. The second story entitled “Has Beyonce given birth to a baby girl called Tiana-May Carter?” has zero proof that Beyonce has delivered a child, that the child is named Tiana-May, and that Beyonce is even in the hospital. The story cites nothing else but Twitter rumors. “Twitter is awash with more rumors that the singer has given birth to a baby girl called Tiana-May Carter” states the second London Mirror article.

Second, U.S. websites are doing the same today as well. One actually reports today “Beyonce has given birth to a baby daughter that she and husband Jay-Z have named Tiana-May Carter… according to Twitter.” PEOPLE, which typically carries exclusives about celebrity baby births, finds humor in the craziness today stating that, even if Beyonce hasn’t given birth, the internet will give birth to the child first.

Third, one tabloid is prompting even greater confusion. “New Magazine”, which launched this year, claims to have the world exclusive … according to Twitter. But a quick perusal of the New Magazine reveals it’s merely restating Twitter rumors. “Beyonce has reportedly had a baby girl, according to Twitter reports”.

In 2011, U.S. music fans became far more likely to be skeptical about a Twitter celebrity death story. So why are fans now so believing about a Twitter celebrity birth story? For now, the world of Beyonce “according to Twitter” features a new child born Tiana-May Carter. According to reality, no confirmation has been given that Beyonce has given birth let alone chosen a name for the child.

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