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Nene, Peter Dated? Nene Leakes and Peter Thomas Dated Previously: Report

Nene, Peter Dated? Nene Leakes and Peter Thomas Dated Previously: Report

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Did Nene and Peter use to date? Nene Leakes use to date Peter Thomas, claims a news report today. While Peter wasn’t Nene’s boyfriend, a new report claims that prior to Leakes’ marriage she dated Peter Thomas. Peter is of course now married to fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey. Not since the Alex Bellino Peggy Tanous revelation about Jim Bellino has Bravo had a twist like today’s report.

Last season, Real Housewives of Orange County viewers learned that Peggy Tanous had dated Alexis Bellino’s husband Jim Bellino before he met Alexis. Alexis told fans the revelation was shocking. The detail came out during the taping of last season’s reunion show.

So Alexis texted her husband Jim during the taping. She asked Jim for more “details” about his relationship with Peggy Tanous. Alexis told viewers “According to Jim they dated for two or three months, he dumped her, and then she broke into his house when he wouldn’t answer her calls. Peggy denies this, but admitted that she went over to Jim’s house when he wouldn’t answer her calls. On that note, you can all draw your own conclusions.”

But what’s going on with Nene? In October, reports claimed Nene’s new boyfriend is John Kolaj of Famous Famiglia Pizza (photos below). Kolaj reportedly met NeNe after she decided to open franchise, claimed news in October.

John Kolaj Pictures
John Kolaj Photo 1

John Kolaj Photo 2

John Kolaj Photo 3

Yet, a new report today claims that Nene dated Peter “back in the day” when both were single. A source claims “This was before he met Cynthia. Peter … dated a lot of women, NeNe was one of many . . . it wasn’t serious.”

But does Cynthia know? The report claims that Cynthia has “no idea that Peter and NeNe have a history.” The source adds “I’m sure he never told Cynthia.”

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