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David Beckham Christmas Card 2011 Prompts Leaked Scandal

David Beckham Christmas Card 2011 Prompts Leaked Scandal

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The David Beckham and Victoria Beckham leaked Christmas card 2011 is prompting a controversy today for British news. David Beckham authored a Christmas card 2011 featuring his sons for the Holidays, sitting in bed, shirtless. Beckham has no intentions of being another Kim Kardashian, Teresa Giudice, or Fergie, who all released their holiday card this week to news. For Beckham, the picture leaked online without authorization; reportedly the Beckhams are furious.

David Beckham reportedly sent the Beckham Christmas Card 2011 to select friends via normal mail. Then some of those “close friends” chose to scan the image and post it online. Since then, numerous news sites have chosen to pose the unauthorized picture, while others have stayed away from doing so.

Kardashian Christmas Cards Past to Present Set 1
Kardashian Christmas Card 1

Kardashian Christmas Card 2

Kardashian Christmas Card 3
Kardashian Christmas Card 4

Vogue Magazine senior fashion news editor Jane Keltner De Valle reportedly posted it to Twitter stating “Cutest thing about victoriabeckham’s xmas card?” She added “Photo cred on back that reads ‘Picture by Daddy.”

Glamour editor Jo Elvin reportedly posted the picture, but later removed it from Twitter. Elvin told news “I should point out, the Christmas card from the Beckhams is Not for publication. ” She added “It was private. My bad. Sorry, got swept up in adorableness.”

Even British tabloid the Mirror is not releasing to news readers today. The company notes “This is possibly the best Christmas card we’ve seen this year – well it’s our own interpretation of it anyway, because we’re not allowed to show you the real McCoy.”

Kardashian Christmas Cards Past to Present Set 2
Kardashian Christmas Card 5
Kardashian Christmas Card 6
Kardashian Christmas Card 7
Kardashian Christmas Card 8

Who was the first to leak the picture online? The Mail claimed the card was “leaked / found / thrown into the bin by someone with no taste.” Other websites like TheBlemish chose to publish the image. Beckham has yet to comment officially about the image leaking online.

Kardashian Christmas Cards Past to Present Set 3
Kardashian Christmas Card 9
Kardashian Christmas Card 10
Kardashian Christmas Card 11
Kardashian Christmas Card 12

In 2010, David Beckham made news bringing two lawsuits, one in Germany and one in the U.S., against at least two parties, the publisher of In Touch Magazine and the woman, Irma Nici, who made assertions against Beckham. “Bauer do not dispute for purposes of this motion that their story is false,” publicist Jeff Raymond said in a written statement at the time. “They have not provided one shred of evidence to support the claim this story is true. David Beckham’s clear evidence proved that this is without foundation.”

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