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Monkey Rides Dog, and Overshadows Madonna Halftime Anticipation

Monkey Rides Dog, and Overshadows Madonna Halftime Anticipation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A monkey riding dog has overshadowed Madonna’s halftime anticipation. Madonna is set to perform the halftime show at the Superbowl in January. And while her set list and details about her performance made news this weekend, Madonna was ultimately overshadowed by another football halftime performance … in which a monkey rides a dog.

NFL anticipation was riding into Sunday’s Patriots vs. Broncos game. SNL had done its own sketch about Tim Tebow and God. And then news wasn’t good for Denver going into the halftime. Tom Brady had pulled his team from troubles in the first quarter to a 27-16 lead at the halftime.

Suddenly for a minute, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow were no longer the stars of the game. Something slightly unexpected happened – a monkey riding a dog for a halftime show. The monkey, dressed as a cowboy, ran that dog all across the stadium. Instantly, the video became a monstrous hit.

As one viewer later noted “I was watching NFL Gameday Highlights and Rich Eisen said “Here’s a video of a monkey riding a dog” and I was like what the .. ?” Another added “I’m a Bronco fan and I was really mad that we lost today, but man this made my day that is hilarious.”

No word if the monkey and dog will open for Madonna this Superbowl. Perhaps they could ride onto the field and deliver Madonna some hydrangeas.

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