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Daddy Yankee Not Dead – Fake Death Story about Car Crash Fumes Fans

Daddy Yankee Not Dead - Fake Death Story about Car Crash Fumes Fans

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Daddy Yankee is not dead. A fake Daddy Yankee death story today claims that he has died in a car crash. The story is not only erroneous, and is also not new. The same false report has been used innumerable times to kill off other celebrities this fall. But today, Daddy Yankee fans are furious.

At roughly 1:30 PM PST today, there are close to twenty tweet per minute about the fake Daddy Yankee death report. Daddy Yankee last tweeted to his followers roughly twenty hours ago. As result, some person(s) found it inventive to fuel fake death claims online today about the music great.

Like many celebrities victimized by fake death reports, Daddy Yankee is not a frequent twitter user. Two weeks ago, Akon battled fake death reports that surfaced, while he was out of the U.S. and not on Twitter for roughly two days. Daddy Yankee has only posted six tweets since December 11. He wished an early Merry Christmas to fans last week. And on Friday, he simply wrote “weekend”.

The source of today’s fake death report remains unclear. But an online report from Global Associated is erroneous. The report claims that Daddy Yankee died on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell The fake report states “Witnesses have stated that Daddy Yankee’s car crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll.”

The report is fake. The same report has previously been used against other music leaders. Among the music celebrities victimized by the Route 80 story this fall are David Guetta, DJ Pauly D, and DJ Tiesto.

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Fake celebrity death stories often originate from several different sources and often via several different social networking methods. But in recent months, music celebrities are most often targeted with death stories concerning “Route 80?. In July, David Guetta was fictitiously listed dead in a car crash on Route 80. Then the same thing happened to DJ Tiesto. To no surprise, the same fake death story even exists for Armin Van Buuren.

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The fake Route 80 story uses the same photo, of a car not sold this century, flipped over. Buried on the bottom of the report is the disclaimer in super small font the reads “this is totally false”. Fake additions to the stories even further confuse fans like “Local Team News 9 and “Highway Safety Investigators Board”, entities that sound believable but are fabricated.

Fans nonetheless are furious. “Twitter always trying to kills somebody. Now they are saying Daddy Yankee is dead” wrote one fan moments ago. Another added “So is Daddy Yankee really dead?” Many were unsure about the fake report. “Somebody needs to tell me if daddy Yankee is dead or alive”. Another added “someone please tell me Daddy Yankee isn’t dead.”

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Fake death reports have taken new form this year. In August 2011, Beyonce suffered a new breed of fake death reports fueled by Twitpics and Photoshop. Someone that weekend took a picture of Beyonce, then took a screengrab of a leading news website. With the use of Photoshop, they inserted Beyonce’s picture into the screengrab and added the caption that Beyonce had died. They then tweeted the Twitpic. Fans who saw the picture believed they were looking at a real, current screengrab of the website announcing Beyonce’s death.

Daddy Yankee is not dead, Beyonce is fine, there is no Route 80 and no celebrity has been snowboarding in Zermatt this weekend.

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  1. sylvia muniz

    December 17, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    who say that daddy yankee died what a big lie
    hes more a live than what yah all think
    how could people say such a things that its not all true and its all fakey god bless all singers

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