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Vicki Gunvalson Boyfriend 2011, Brooks Ayers, Dominates RHOC Season 7 Anticipation

Vicki Gunvalson Boyfriend 2011, Brooks Ayers, Dominates RHOC Season 7 Anticipation

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend of 2011, is dominating RHOC season 7 anticipation. Brooks Ayers began dating Vicki Gunvalson after her split from Donn but before her divorce. Ayers dominated RHOB news today after Vicki shared family photos of her and Ayers for fans.

Vicki Gunvalson’s painful break from Donn dominated last season of Real Housewives of OC. Vicki told BFF Tamra Barney that she wanted to be love, and had felt alone for sometime despite her marriage to Donn. Vicki said “Donn has been an important part of my life and he will continue to be. Anyone who has gone through a divorce understands that this is a personal matter and a difficult time in our lives.” She thanked fans for their support. “I would also like to thank all of you for the outpouring of love and support that we have received.”

Two season ago, Tamra Barney ended a Real Housewives of OC telecast crying about her own divorce, saying “Next season no more crying”. But in 2011, it was Vicki crying on Tamra’s shoulder.

During the reunion telecast this year, Vicki was surprised that Donn had pre-taped his own comments. “We have received quite a few questions for Donn from Bravo [viewers] so let’s see what he had to say” remarked Andy Cohen.

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Donn fumed. “Vicki should feel bad that she hurt me. What she did was not cool in anybody’s eyes. A marriage and a man should be treated with dignity. I don’t think the way this went down was treated with dignity or class. And I deserved both.” Vicki agreed. “He does. He deserves respect ….everything that Donn says is right on.”

After the season was over, allegations came out accused Brooks comparable to those against Slade Smiley last season. Donn’s then wife Kim, and his ex-girlfriend Nicolette Catanzarite, both claimed Brooks owed roughly $40,000 in unpaid child support. The report claimed that Vicki didn’t know about Brooks’ allegations. But she told Andy Cohen thereafter “The media doesn’t tell the whole truth”. She added “I knew everything. There wasn’t any secrets and lies.”

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So did Vicki made allegations about child support about Slade last season or not? Vicki claims she didn’t. “I never talked about Slade. It’s his business and his life and I don’t want him in mine.”

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