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Criss Angel Not Dead – Car Wreck Explosion Scene Still Baffles Viewers

Criss Angel Not Dead - Car Wreck Explosion Scene Still Baffles Viewers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Criss Angel dead following a car wreck scene on Mindfreak? That was the question Criss Angel fans asked in September 2008. Moments ago, the three year old Mindfreak episode re-aired leaving fans still wondering if Angel survived the shocking crash. And while Angel didn’t die, questions remain if his hit reality show will soon come back to life for a new season.

Criss Angel is not the victim of a fake celebrity death story today. He did not crash on Route 80 as falsely reported for David Guetta. He also didn’t fall off a hill as falsely reported for Adam Sandler. And he didn’t overseas as incorrectly report of Akon in recent weeks.

But during a 2008 telecast re-airing tonight on television, Criss Angel left viewers guessing if he died. Ironically, now three years later, viewers tonight are still memorized by arguably one of the best performances ever shown on A&E.

Kurt Angle told news at the time “I thought ‘Oh my god, this is a tragedy, something went wrong’.” Criss Angel himself, before the shocking crash, told news ” It’s time to start thinking outside the box and let the art of magic live on in real life. I hope to be engaging my audiences by having them ask themselves”.

Angel’s episode, dubbed the Car Wreck Vanish, became an instant hit. Sully said of the taping at the time “When I saw Criss go over that cliff, it felt like I just watched my brother kill himself.”

But could a season 7 be coming to A&E? Criss Angel’s Mindfreak last dominated news over the summer when unconfirmed reports claimed the new season was debuting August 3, 2011. It didn’t. A&E has not yet commented on any future plans. Fans asked Angel in June “When are you going to make a new episode of Mindfreak?” Another said it was “best show [on television].” Angel had no comment.

Moments ago, curiosity was renewed. One fan wrote  “Holy — I’ve just watched Criss Angel, he was handcuffed to a steering wheel, drove off a cliff, he was still inside and it exploded!”

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