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Kim Richards Rehab, Boyfriend, and House Fuels Offscreen Drama

Kim Richards Rehab, Boyfriend, and House Fuels Off-screen Drama

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Kim Richards’ rehab treatment for alcohol at the Betty Ford Center, her split from living with boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld, and her reported lack of a home has fueled offscreen drama this week for the Beverly Hills housewife. Kim Richards this season is accused by cast members of avoiding taping scenes with them. But Richards says she skipped scenes because she didn’t like her respective cast members.  Of course, if every Housewife got to choose which other Housewife they wanted to avoid during taping, there would never been tensions on the series. But as Richards has been absent from key scenes on RHOBH this season, she has dominated news off-screen for her own personal struggles.

Richards is currently in rehab at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs for alcohol treatment claims reports. Both Richards’ location and the reason for her treatment have not been confirmed by her family. But Richards has been in rehab more than one before, claims a source.

A source tells PEOPLE “Kim has been to rehab more than once before, but every time is a new time, and everyone just hopes this sticks and that she gets the help she needs. It’s serious.”

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Second, Richards has moved out of the home of boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld. It remains unclear if Richards’ is still dating Ken. “He’s not in the picture. No one really knows what the deal was with them, but Kim doesn’t live with Ken,” the source tells PEOPLE.

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Third, Richards doesn’t allegedly have a stable home now. “She’s basically homeless, staying with various friends. She doesn’t have a home base. It’s not unusual for people to not hear from her for long stretches of time. It’s been that way for years.”

Kyle Richards has remained relatively quiet through Kim’s struggles this holiday season.  On the show, Kyle tells viewers that she does not like take the roll of Kim’s mother.


  1. Julieanne

    December 29, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Kim is such a sk nk I wish she would quit the show and go live among the other lowlife. She will never learn how to behave like a human cuz she is a freak.

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