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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos Leak Could Help Release Date: EXCLUSIVE

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos Leak Helps Release Date Plans: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A release date of Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos was first reported on LALATE as possibly  December 9, 2011. But Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy pics would instead by given an “official” release date of December 15. LALATE questioned if that would ultimately be the first date that fans would see Lohan’s Playboy photos. Suddenly, roughly a day after
release date announcement, Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover photo “accidentally” leaked online. Now many are unsure if marketing elements were at play, and whether this will impact interest in the photo spread.

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy photos might be a new endeavor for the troubled actress. But Playboy has been releasing celebrity-filled January issues for years. As a result, it was easy to anticipate when Lindsay Lohan’s January 2012 issue would be released to news based upon the history of the magazine’s public relations campaigns for previous January issues.

Earlier this year, LALATE reported that the key to Lohan’s Playboy January 2012 issue is last year’s Pamela Anderson January 2011 issue. This fall, Playboy and Lohan would not divulge to news the release date of her photos. But then, in November, LALATE exclusively reported that Playboy will probably have to release the first round of pictures to news on or around December 9.

Playboy’s January issue never hit newsstands in January. They arrive in late December. Typically, Playboy has released a cover photo for the January issue around December 9 and then a second round of photos a week later. The magazine did the same for Pamela Anderson last year.

So in November, LALATE first reported news that fans should undoubtedly expect the first photo or photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy shoot to arrive digitally around December 9. Playboy typically would issue a cover photo and perhaps one other photo digitally to news sites that first week and then more the following week.

After that report, suddenly Playboy and the ELLEN show claimed that the talk show host would debut the photos. The date was peculiar and the assertion was even stranger. ELLEN claimed that during its daytime timeslot of December 15 it would reveal to American household the first images from Playboy photos shoot.

Immediately questions peculated. How does on debut Playboy photos during a daytime television show without running afoul of the FCC? Would viewers be shown only redacted images, or would Lohan just debut a cleaned up cover photo and nothing else?

But the other issue was the date itself. Lohan was said to debut the pictures to ELLEN on December 15 while the issue would hit newsstands that same day. But, in recent memory, Playboy, rarely, if ever, releases the first images of an issue exactly the day it ships to newsstands. So was December 15 really anticipated to be the release date? (Update 12/9 the photos have been released.)

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Set 1
Lindsay Lohan Photo 1
Lindsay Lohan Photo 2
Lindsay Lohan Photo 3
Lindsay Lohan Photo 4

“Lindsay has agreed to do one media interview during the on-sale period of her issue, and has chosen Ellen,” the rep said earlier this week. “Lindsay will not be doing any additional interviews to promote her pictorial.”

Suddenly, today, the “leaked” cover photo (located HERE) was released online.  Immediately, the reaction to the cover was mixed, at best. Insiders and Lohan reps had promised a “tasteful”, even innovative look for Lohan that evoked notions of Marilyn Monroe. Lohan rather on the cover photo leaked today is simply sitting on a backwards chair with not much styling whatsoever and lots of possible airbrushing.

Typically, the magazine releases the cover photo first as a teaser to entice prospective buyers to purchase the issue. But with a cover drawing such news media frenzy today because of its “leak”,  sales could be much higher than anticipated.

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Set 2
Lindsay Lohan Photo 5
Lindsay Lohan Photo 6
Lindsay Lohan Photo 7
Lindsay Lohan Photo 8

While Playboy might have promised the official debut for the ELLEN show, if more leaks surface in the next seven days, the publication may have to reconsider pre-releasing pictures in advance of that telecast. It remains unknown if Playboy might move the December 15 release date if the leaks continue.

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Set 3
Lindsay Lohan Photo 9
Lindsay Lohan Photo 10
Lindsay Lohan Photo 11
Lindsay Lohan Photo 12

For now, we do know that Lindsay Lohan did approve of this Playboy photo cover. Her mother recently told news that Lohan will chose five possible cover options and Hugh Hefner will pick the final one. “I’ve seen [the photos],” Dina added. “She’s really great in front of the camera.”

Lindsay Lohan Other Hot Pictures Set 4
Lindsay Lohan Photo 13
Lindsay Lohan Photo 14
Lindsay Lohan Photo 15
Lindsay Lohan Photo 16

Dina Lohan says the photos are in tribute to a famous Tom Kelly shoot. “It’s a classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly … pictorial of Marilyn Monroe, a portion of which was the original playmate in the very first issue of Playboy.” She added “The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay.” For now, the official newsstand release date remains December 15, 2011 for the January, 2012 Playboy issue.

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