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Kim Richards Net Worth Renews Tensions on RHOBH

Kim Richards Net Worth Renews Tensions with Kyle Richards

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Kim Richards’ net worth has prompted renewed tensions this season on RHOBH. Kim Richards’ net worth became an issue of discussion during season one. Last year, Kim claimed her work as a child actor provided for her family which included Kyle Richards and Kathy Richards (now Kathy Hilton). Kim revisited the subject during a recent visit to her mother’s house on RHOBH.

Kim Richards net worth was brought up season one during the infamous limo debacle between her and sister Kyle Richards. Kim Richards evoked details about her childhood, not just in the limo tirade, but also in her video exposition taped later. During the limo debacle, Kim Richards fumed at sister Kyle over their mother’s Palm Springs house. Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky, in turn, is a real estate broker who joined Hilton & Hyland in 1998.

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Kim Richards during the limo debacle shouted at Kyle that “you stole my house”. Initially, Kim’s words were so slurred that it was unclear if she was stating “stole” or “sold”. Richards in season two has made clear the word was “stole”. Kyle Richards’ response in the limo was that she and her husband would never help Kim ever again and that she is a liar.

During the video exposition for that episode, Kim claimed that growing up she provided for Kyle Richards and Kathy Richards. Kim tells viewers that she bought Kyle’ first car, bought Kyle’s first house. Kathy Richards would later go on to marry Rick Hilton who would launch Hilton and Hyland in 1993.

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Kim’s accusation that Kyle “stole” her house would evoke the eventual allegation that Kim Richards was an alcoholic. “Everything you have done for me? … you stole my god d-m house”. Kyle responded “Did you hear what you said Kim? You are out of your … mind. My husband has helped you every month and stood by you and taken care of you like a second … wife. So … you for talking like… you better take that back right now. You are a liar, and sick and an alcoholic. Yes, I said it. Now everybody knows.” Kyle added “anything we ever helped you with is over, and you are on your own now.”

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But in season two, Kyle and Kim visit the house at issue. In a visit to their late mother’s Palm Springs house, Kim Richards tells Bravo viewers that the house was passed by probate to her and her sisters in three equal shares. Kim claims, following that inheritance, she took out a nominal loan amount against her share of the house. When she was ready to repay the loan, she claims that Kyle and her husband said she could not. She still claims they stole her share in the house for that nominal amount of money. Kyle Richards and her husband did not respond to the allegations during the episode.


  1. megan

    December 10, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I thought she said on the show to Adrienne’s husband that she doesn’t drink alcohol now I read she is entering rehab for her addiction. What a pact of liars!

  2. Teresa

    March 4, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Hey Megan just an fyi, people that have substance abuse issues are not going to come out right away and admit it it’s called being in denial, and she came out with it and good for her to admit that you are an alcoholic in front of millions takes an insane amount of courage and that she has, and good for her for doing it and sticking to it

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