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Kevin Hogan Photos Scandal Prompts Mystic Valley Investigation

Kevin Hogan Films Scandal Prompts Mystic Valley Investigation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Teacher Kevin Hogan and film actor Hytch Cawke (photo above) are the same person, claims FOX25 “undercover” reporters. But now the FOX report on Kevin Hogan aka Hytch Cawke is prompting more controversy than the English teacher himself. The news comes just days after teacher Heidi Kaeslin (photos below) faced trouble at school following her own website work outside the classroom.

Since 2007, the number of stories about teachers investigated for current or former employment in “films” has grown. Sometimes the stories involve female teachers and other times it’s male teachers. But until this year, most of the stories usually stemmed from students, or parents, who had reported the teacher’s current or previous conduct to school administrators.  FOX25 does not make clear if it exposed the teacher itself first. But FOX makes no mention of how school officials learned about the Hogan allegations.

Alleged Kevin Hogan Photos
Alleged Kevin Hogan Photo 1

Alleged Kevin Hogan Photo 2

Alleged Kevin Hogan Photo 3

Alleged Kevin Hogan Photo 4

There have been multiple cases about female teachers who previously posed for Playboy or other comparable publications. Ultimately, each teacher scandal focused on the employment contracts, whether previous conduct had to be disclosed at the time of hiring.

Last month, Heidi Kaeslin’s alleged conduct renewed the debate. Heidi Kaeslin was praised by her students. But outside the classroom, she had a second alleged job. Heidi Kaeslin (pictures below) allegedly maintained four websites including and On at least one of those websites, Heidi Kaeslin appeared fully clothed wearing an “I Heart Teachers” t-shirt.

Heidi Kaeslin Pictures Set 1
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 1

Heidi Kaeslin Photo 2

Heidi Kaeslin Photo 3

Heidi Kaeslin Photo 4

Heidi was put on administrative leave for a Code of Ethics of the Education Profession which she consented to in her employment. Heidi was accused of conduct while being a teacher, not before. But was the conduct a violation of her employment contract? The code was not particularly clear in her case, reported local news. The code only prohibited conduct which “involve jeopardy to student welfare; evidence malice, serious incompetency or bad judgment; or show a consistent pattern of misconduct.”

Heidi Kaeslin Pictures Set 2
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 5
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 6
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 7
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 8

Today, it’s Kevin Hogan. He claims he is not a film actor currently or previously.  But yesterday, FOX 25’s “undercover” reporters revealed that teacher Kevin Hogan allegedly is former male film star Hytch Cawke. “Hogan has worked at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden since September. In addition to his coaching and teaching duties, he also chairs the high school’s English department” claimed FOX. But FOX added “But he can also be found on the Internet and in ad–lt entertainment stores under his screen name”.

The twist, however, is that FOX does not indicate if it revealed the teacher’s past first, or someone else. In FOX’s interview with the teacher, Hogan indicates that it’s Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving weekend. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Happy Thanksgiving” said Hogan on camera.

Heidi Kaeslin Pictures Set 3
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 9
Heidi Kaeslin Photo 10

Yet, the FOX report, published only Tuesday, now states that Mystic Valley has placed him on paid leave while they conduct their own investigation. The school also stated “We value the health and safety of our students, the school followed our normal hiring practices.” Hogan has yet to comment on the investigation.

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