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Matty B Not Dead, False Death Reports Surface Today

Matty B Not Dead, False Death Reports Surface Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Matty B is not dead. A fake Matty B death report surfaced today, even while the 8 year old music sensation told news about a Sunday appearance. The false death report began to pick up speed last night; by Sunday, the subject was dominating Twitter. Yet Matty B wrote to fans today “I heard I was trending last night on twitter while sleeping?”

Matty B indicates to fans and news Sunday that he is off to the Atlanta Falcons games. But earlier today, fake death reports dominated social networking sites, confusing some fans and angering others. “What, Matty B is dead?” wrote one fan. Another realized the inaccuracy of the death report. “Matty B is not dead, he tweeted just three hours ago”.

Other fans were furious that fake death reports were now striking eight year old musicians. “Matty B is the cutest thing ever. He’s not dead. That’s a sick thing to spread about someone.” Another added “If Matty B is really dead I’m gonna cry. I’ve only seen like 3 of his videos but omg he’s like 8 years old.”

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The source of the fake death report remains unknown. But it appears to have slowly picked up speed while Matty was off the computer working on a new music video. “Up early 4 church & shot a music video yesterday on Stone Mountain 4 a new cover!”

Just days ago, Matty B released his cover of Mistletoe. Since November 21, the music video has racked up nearly seven hundred thousand views. Earlier in November, he released his music video Burnout.

Since 2009, fake celebrity death reports most often gain speed or resurface on weekend evenings. In recent days, fake death reports, however, have been replaced by fake “attack” stories. Just yesterday, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga made news after fans competing fans were blamed for starting fake heart attack and asthma attack stories.

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In recent months, the same fake David Guetta death story has dominated news multiple times. The fake car crash happened between “Morristown and Roswell”. Its author has used the same story to kill off DJ Tiesto and David Beckham also this year. In recent weeks, the template has been modified to include a picture of a rolled-over car.  As previously reported here, the celebrities most often targeted are those who have new projects coming out.

Matty B is not dead. Adam Sandler wasn’t snowboarding today. Missy Elliott is alive and well. And David Guetta wasn’t driving on Route 80 Sunday.


  1. Anna

    June 18, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Okay Mattyb is not dead what kind of person would say that?!?! I love you mattyb

  2. Anna

    June 18, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Xoxoxoxoxo Mattyb love you (im not his girlfreind tough i wish i was!)

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