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Sue Paterno Denied Penn State Pool, Gym Access

Sue Paterno Denied Penn State Pool, Gym Access

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Sue Paterno has been denied Penn State pool access. Sue Paterno’s family confirms that Penn State has told her that pool and gym access are no longer permitted. The University has yet to confirm the news.

In a statement late today, the Paterno family claims that Sue Paterno was told earlier on Wednesday that she can long use the Penn State pool, and if she returns, she will be turned away. She was reportedly told the same about the school’s gym.

The University when sought for a news comment stated simply¬† “I have heard nobody discuss this.” University spokesperson Bill Mahon would not comment further.

Family members confirm that Sue Paterno had used the pool and gym to exercise everyday. When sought for comment by the Patriot-News, the university would not explain today’s decision. The university would not detail if it would be reversing today’s decision anytime soon.

The decision prompted heated debates online today. Some have called the decision “unbelievably ignorant”, “ridiculous, what did Sue Paterno do?” Another added “I am failing to see how PSU kicking Sue Paterno out of the gym is accomplishing anything but making Penn State look [wrong]”. But many comments referenced Jerry Sandusky. “So PSU didn’t kick Sandusky out of on-campus gyms until after he was indicted…but Sue Paterno can’t swim in the NAT? That’s messed up.”

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