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Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Scandal Erupts

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Scandal Erupts

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Kim Kardashian get her engagement ring 2011 “from” Kris Humphries or did she already own it while dating Reggie Bush? Kim Kardashain’s engagement ring 2011 wasn’t given to her by Kris Humphries but has been owned by Kardashian for several years, so claim four websites. Readers, however, have disputed those websites’ allegations for several months. Today, a new twist is shining in the Kardashian 2011 engagement ring scandal.

MediaTakeOut, Radar Online, the National Enquirer and Celebslam have in recent months all made the same allegation. The earliest to make the allegation appears to have been MediaTakeOut in May 2011. MTO claimed in May that Kardashian has owned the ring for years, that Humphries didn’t buy the ring at all. MTO claims several years ago “Kim BOUGHT her own engagement ring (or rather, was GIVEN it by a Los Angeles jeweler in exchange for some promotional work) – and she was trying to PRESSURE Reggie to marry her.” MTO claims now that “it appears that Kim may be doing the SAME THING with her new BF Kris Humphries. Cause that “new” ring she’s rocking . . . looks a whole lot like the “old” one she was wearing [before]”. Readers to that article were split as to whether the two rings were the same.

Second, the National Enquirer claims the two rings are absolutely the same and that Humphries simply gave Kardashian the ring that she already owned. “The ENQUIRER has uncovered a photo of the reality TV sexpot wearing her $2 million engagement ring way back in 2007 – proving the couple’s 72-day marriage was nothing but a publicity ploy.”

Third, Celebslam reports this week much the same allegation. “In other words, she bought her own damn engagement ring, gave it to Kris to give to her, and now her mom is giving interviews about whether she should be allowed to keep the “gift.”” Its readers were also split whether the two rings are the same.

Finally, Radar Online today spoke with Jonathan Jaxson. He claims that he was involved with the ring in 2007 and has first hand knowledge the 2007 ring is in fact the 2011 ring. “On December 26, 2007 Kim wanted to stage a paparazzi moment acting like she got engaged because she was with Reggie Bush at the time, so I did a set up with her with the same ring.”

Interestingly, the exclusive about the “Humphries” engagement ring was given to PEOPLE Magazine. Humphries tells the publication “I got the ring a while ago… I had it for a few weeks.” But Kardashian said she was “in shock” when she saw the ring. Humphries doesn’t state if he bought the ring, or how he “got the ring”.

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