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Mary and Raymond Donaldson Married During New York Marathon 2011

Mary and Raymond Donaldson Married During New York Marathon 2011

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Mary and Raymond Donaldson got married in the New York City Marathon 2011 today. Now they are running off to Italy for their honeymoon. Mary and Raymond Donaldson ran Sunday’s New York City Marathon 2011. But at mile 22, they took a big step. Contrary to previous news reports, the couple never stopped running at mile 22. Rather a minster appeared alongside them, a ring came out of Raymond’s pocket, and they were happily married while running. The runaway lovebirds
never missed a step. Even better, they kept their perfect mile split times.

There are always a lot of delightful New York City Marathon stories. But this one was truly unique. “What is going out there on the course!” exclaimed the announcer. Mary wore a modified wedding “dress”, Raymond was in a modified tuxedo. The witness ran alongside holding the flowers, firmly. The minster, in sunglasses, quickly read their vows.

“Is this really happening? … Is this a marriage going on” said the announcer. “Take about getting caught up in the moment” said the color-commenter. Luckily, between the flowers, ring, and written vows, nothing was dropped. Suddenly, the broadcaster had to cut to a commercial. So we never got to see the wedding kiss. Congrats to the couple.

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