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Pauly D Not Dead – Fake Car Crash Death Story Prompts Confusion

Pauly D Not Dead - Fake Car Crash Death Story Prompts Confusion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Pauly D is not dead. A fake Pauly D death story is prompting confusion today November 4, 2011. Pauly D didn’t die on “Interstate 80″, despite a fake celebrity crash report posted online today. For savvy Jersey Shore fans, the fake Pauly D death story is the same recently used to “kill off” David Guetta. And while Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga are also victims of fake death stories Friday, Pauly D’s death appears to be the most ironic.

Fake celebrity death stories often originate from several different sources and often via several different social networking methods. But in recent months, music celebrities are most often targeted with death stories concerning “Route 80″. In July, David Guetta was fictitiously listed dead in a car crash on Route 80. Then the same thing happened to DJ Tiesto. To no surprise, the same fake death story even exists for Armin Van Buuren.

It remains unclear why people write fake celebrity death stories in the first place. But if it’s a DJ, or a music leader, the fake death story is unusually the same. The location is always listed as being on “Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell”. The work of fiction always claims that the DJ “lost control while driving a friend’s vehicle”. The picture, the story, and the date (which dynamically updates daily) are all the same. Even the car in the “crash” picture doesn’t look an auto sold in the last twenty years.

David Guetta Pictures Set 1
David Guetta Photo 1
David Guetta Photo 2
David Guetta Photo 3
David Guetta Photo 4

If it’s not a car crash, then it’s usually a skiing or snowboarding accident. Most recently, Adam Sandler was the victim of a fake snowboarding death story. Fake additions to the stories even further confuse fans like “Local Team News 9? and “Highway Safety Investigators Board”, entities that sound believable but are fabricated.

David Guetta Pictures Set 2
David Guetta Photo 5
David Guetta Photo 6
David Guetta Photo 7
David Guetta Photo 8

Some fans are furious by today’s fake Pauly D report. Other fans are perplexed by the confusion. The culprit may have spread the false reports on Facebook. “Is Pauly D really dead? Facebook is posting it like crazy. Someone please answer my question.” Other fans are posting comments to fellow Jersey Shore cast members asking answers. “So on Facebook I’m hearing that Pauly D is dead from a car accident. Please say it isn’t true.” Pauly D is not dead, nor is Adam Sandler nor David Guetta. But as long as people believe fake plane, train, and snowboarding accident stories, confusion will continue.

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