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Mariah Yeater Photos, Case Depict Questionable Proof Path: WORLD EXCLUSIVE

Mariah Yeater Photos, Case Depict Questionable Proof Path: WORLD EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE WORLD EXCLUSIVE) – The Mariah Yeater case (photos below) details a peculiar path to proof, LALATE can exclusively report. When Mariah Yeater photos appeared online yesterday, Justin Bieber fans were quick to dispel her allegations based upon their perception of Bieber. Many fans felt it highly unlikely that Bieber would have handpicked Yeater from a crowd in the entire Staples Center. They also were skeptical of her claims that Bieber would have had the ability to bed Mariah Yeater secretly in a Staples backstage restroom.

But LALATE can exclusively report that they are a series of peculiar legal assertions that make Mariah Yeater’s path to proving paternity questionable. While the ultimate determinant is a DNA test, Yeater has clearly chosen a peculiar legal path to prove paternity, LALATE can report.

First, Mariah Yeater fails to detail much of any attempt to contact Justin Bieber during her pregnancy. In her Petition to the Court, Yeater submits only one Declaration in Support of her Petition. The only assertion of attempted contact is the single sentence of Yeater’s own declaration. In paragraph 8, Mariah Yeater states “When I later realized I was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, I tried to contact him through his representatives but no one ever called me back.” That’s all she says. Yeater declares she made the single attempt, and never attempted thereafter.

There is no declaration from Yeater counsel attached to the Petition; her attorneys don’t indicate any attempt to contact Bieber’s attorneys prior to filing the petition, LALATE can report. There is also no declaration by Yeater indicating that she, through her counsel, attempted to contact Bieber’s attorneys. As a result, the sole alleged attempted contact between fall 2010 and October 2011 was the single, undated effort detailed in paragraph eight.

Second, Mariah Yeater – to prove paternity – did not go to attorneys who practice family law, LALATE can exclusively report. Where did she go? Yeater took her case to two attorneys in San Diego neither of which, according to their websites, practice family law nor handle paternity disputes. One claims to do a lot of work in television signal piracy cases and the other in medical marijuana law. Both are, however, civil litigators.

Third, Mariah Yeater asserts that the birth of her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater resulted in a $25,000 bill from Sharp Healthcare. When asked of her last payment on that bill, Yeater leaves the box blank.

But Yeater claims that her son needs health insurance going forward that costs $1,000 per month. It remains unclear why health insurance for a newborn baby would cost $12,000 per year. It remains also unclear how a $25,000 bill for Sharp Healthcare was able to be incurred earlier this year, and is still unpaid.

Mariah Yeater, Related Pictures Set 1
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 1
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 2
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 3
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 4

Fourth, Mariah Yeater petitions the court to waive her court costs based upon her economic situation. But Yeater is asking that the court to award her attorneys fees and attorneys’ costs against Bieber.

Fifth, Yeater wants Bieber to provide for the child. But LALATE can report that Yeater does not want the child’s last name to be changed to “Bieber”. She wants her child’s last name to remain “Yeater” not “Bieber”.

Mariah Yeater, Related Pictures Set 2
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 5
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 6
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 7
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 8

Sixth, Yeater claims that she met Bieber after she got a front row ticket at Staples Center last year. Yeater doesn’t indicate to the Court how she got the pricey concert ticket. But she does indicate she is unemployed, has virtually no cash on hand, and is on public assistance.

Seventh, Yeater wants Bieber to provide for the child. But as LALATE can exclusively report, Yeater does not want Bieber to have either legal nor physical custody of the child. It remains unclear where Yeater expects the child to be raised.

Mariah Yeater, Related Pictures Set 3
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 9
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 10
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 11
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 12

And finally, Yeater’s case was filed on October 31, 2011. On November 1, 2011, a leading tabloid already had a baby picture of Yeater and son, and the complete story hitting newsstands. The source of those pictures and the story remain unknown.

Mariah Yeater, Related Pictures Set 4
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 13
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 14
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 15
Mariah Yeater, Related Photo 16

The matter is set for a December 2011 hearing date. Bieber has vehemently denied Yeater’s allegations as false and hurtful. Bieber’s reps also confirmed that he had never heard of the Petition until November 1, 2011.

Yeater and the child now live in San Diego County. Her residence might be in Spring Valley, her attorneys have a presence in Chula Vista. Yeater as of Wednesday had no Facebook nor Twitter account; a series of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts, however, continue to surface.

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  1. georgette

    November 4, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    ITS ALL LIESSS!!!! shes such a liar person. seriously. she will be fined and go to jail. shes not very smart. my friend, georgina, agrees. she seriously needs to think this though before. justin didnt do it!!! HES INNOCENT! SHES A LIARRRR!!! she needs to go to prison! now. georgina says NO WAY GIRLL YOU STUPID!!!

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