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Kim Richards New 2011 Boyfriend is Kenneth Blumenfeld: EXCLUSIVE

Kim Richards New 2011 Boyfriend is Kenneth Blumenfeld: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kim Richards’ new 2011 boyfriend is Kenneth Blumenfeld (photos below). Kim Richards is dating “Ken” she tells fans and news on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. Kim Richards has kept Ken’s last name a mystery so far on the Bravo series. She also left fans wondering if she and Ken are still together? But LALATE has learned the mysterious “Ken” in Kim’s life is Kenneth D Blumenfeld, who both works and lives in Westlake Village. And yes, Kim and Ken are still dating.

Kenneth Blumenfeld most recently was a financial advisor in Westlake Village. Blumenfeld is one of Kim Richards’ neighbors. Blumenfeld has a daughter at Agoura High School. Ken’s favorite television shows, however, don’t include any Bravo shows. Rather he loves ESPN and the NFL Network.

While Bravo didn’t reveal Ken’s identity until this week, his relationship was far more public on his Facebook account. On Kenneth Blumenfeld’s Facebook account, he posted multiple photos of him and Kim Richards back in July. One photo has the caption “My special lady”.

Kenneth Blumenfeld Pictures Set 1
Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 1

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 2

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 3

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 4

Ken apparently loves cars. He posts a picture of a Ferrari and wears a Ferrari shirt in pictures of Kim. In another picture, Ken posts a picture of Kim in the backseat of another car. But the pic is not from the infamous limo scene from the last season of Housewives.

Kenneth Blumenfeld Pictures Set 2
Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 5

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 6

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 7

Kenneth Blumenfeld Photo 8

This week, Kim told fans that her family may not like Ken, that they usually don’t like her choices in men, and that her sisters are generally disapproving of her dating selections. So are Kim Richards and Ken still together? According to his Facebook account, the two are still dating and in love.

This week Kim tells Ken “You haven’t met our sisters yet…this may not go over as smooth as you think…for both of us. Because, my family is very hard, the want to make sure that the right person is in my life. I told Ken that my family wouldn’t like him. They don’t like anybody.”

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