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Eddie Murphy Not Dead – False Snowboarding Death Report Resurfaces

Eddie Murphy Not Dead - False Snowboarding Death Report Resurfaces

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Eddie Murphy is not dead. A false death report, claiming that Eddie Murphy died in a skiing or snowboarding accident in Switzerland, is resurfacing Saturday. The same Eddie Murphy report surfaced two years ago. But for unexplained reasons, the crazy tale is coming back to life today.

On August 20, 2009, a false online report surfaced that Eddie Murphy had died. The report surfaced hours after an equally erroneous report about Robert Pattinson and Eminem. The year, film actors were most frequently the subject of fake celebrity death reports, replacing rappers and Disney pop singers who had dominated reports a year earlier.

Murphy’s latest confusion resurfaced Saturday. A quick perusal of Twitter activity shows several hundred comments per hour about the fake death. But because Murphy battled the same false reports in May of this year, fans are a bit more skeptical this time around.

“If he’s dead , how is the dude about to be on 106 and Park this week coming up?” wrote one fan Saturday. The activity has been fueled by text messaging as well. “Somebody just texted my phone “R.I.P Eddie Murphy”.” Facebook users have been commenting the same. “Eddie Murphy dead? People on my fb are saying that he is” wrote one user earlier Saturday.

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Eddie Murphy is not dead but the victim of the same snowboarding, skiing accident report that surfaced online in 2009, resurfaced in May and is confusing fans yet again this Saturday.

If today’s Eddie Murphy fake death report appears familiar, it should. It’s the same fictitious death report used for Adam Sandler. While the article’s title reads “Actor Eddie Murphy Dies in Snowboarding Accident” and the date is listed as “October 22, 2011″, everything else in the story is the same as the fake Adam Sandler snowboarding story.

The culprit website uses a preexisting news template, chooses one of several pre-written fake death reports, and dynamically changes the person’s name and the date. So if you visit the website tomorrow, the date will be changed with the story then reading “Eddie Murphy is reported to have died … earlier today October 23, 2011″. The Adam Sandler fake death report says the same. “Actor Adam Sandler is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today – October 22, 2011.?

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The location of these fake death reports are usually either “Zermatt”, “Kitzbühel Austria”, or “Interstate 80″. The causes listed are either snowboarding, hiking, skiing, or car accidents.

It remains unclear what Zermatt officials think of all these fake celebrity deaths being claimed to have occurred on their ski slopes. But with dozens, if not hundreds, of celebrities falsely reported as dead in Zermatt skiing accidents, the suggestion is certainly not favorable for the famed Swiss destination.

Eddie Murphy is not dead. He next appears as Slide in Tower Heist. He last appeared as the voice of Donkey in Skrek Forever After. Upcoming projects include A Thousand Words and Hong Kong Phooey.

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