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Dwight Gooden, Bai Ling Dating Following Celebrity Rehab

Dwight Gooden, Bai Ling Dating Following Celebrity Rehab

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Dwight Gooden and Bai Ling are dating following an appearance on Celebrity Rehab. Dwight Gooden and Bai Ling are dating and reportedly getting serious after an appearance on the VH-1 reality show hosted by Dr. Drew.
On the 2011 season of Celebrity Rehab, Dwight Gooden battled alcohol and Ambien, Bai Ling tackled alcohol. Now the two are reportedly in love.

In 2008, Bai Ling made news after an alleged $16 theft case dominated national headlines. After the case was thrown out, she told news she would celebrate by drinking. “I will drink a s-y red wine tonight after my filming and celebrate! I am smiling for real!”

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Ling reportedly entered a deal requested by her attorney to disturbing the peace and to pay a fine and penalties totaling $700 in exchange for the theft being dropped. She told news at the time “All the darkness went away, the sunlight really come back to me with a huge smile right now dance in my trailer… I told you truth is going to be told and I am innocent.”

Even during her shoplifting case, Ling talked about love. “No matter what happens, today is a Valentine’s day, I still want to wish all the loved ones are together sharing love and smile and a tender kiss under the beautiful sky”.

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Before appearing on Celebrity Rehab, Ling told news that she wanted to change the public’s perception of her. “The media bring me out as this crazy sl–t showing her nipples everywhere,” Bai told the Miami Herald. “I become this character the pop culture Hollywood machine created. Somehow, I become a victim to that image.”

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Before appearing on the reality show, Gooden told ESPN “I’m very happy now. At 46, I’m still learning about myself, but I am getting more comfortable in my skin.” Gooden added “Fans have always been supportive of me, and it brings back memories each time I go out to the ballparks to think about all those great accomplishments.”

The two have yet comment about today’s report.

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