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Joe Giudice, Davana Medina Battle Allegations – Teresa Denies Mistress, Cheating Reports

Joe Giudice, Davana Medina Battle Mistress Allegations

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Joe Giudice and Davana Medina (photos below) are battling allegations, while Teresa says her husband is not cheating and does not have a mistress. Joe Giudice first confronted cheating allegations several weeks ago. Now reports claim the mystery woman that Joe Giudice went to dinner with was Davana Medina.

Teresa Giudice defends her husband Joe, telling news that no affair occurred and that no mistress exists; she says that Davana Medina is a friend of the family. But multiple reports conflict with Teresa’s assertions.

First weeks ago, a woman named Erin told Radar Online that Joe Giudice went to dinner with a woman other than his wife. In the article entitled “Another Housewife Scandal! Is Joe Cheating On Teresa Giudice?”, Erin told Radar that Joe and unidentified female allegedly had martinis, that she sipped from his glass, and that she wiped his hands with hers. “It was really intimate to see her touching his hands like that. They looked very comfortable and cozy together.”

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Second, days later, Reality Tea reported exclusively that “And while Teresa came out stating the lady photographed with Joe was simply a family friend, the insider tells Reality Tea that is not the case.” A source tells the website that Joe’s brother Pete Giudice previously dated Davana.

The source adds “But … [Davana] sure is not a “family” friend as Teresa stated. [Teresa] had no idea he was going out with her that night. It is rumored that they have been seeing each other for years.”

Life and Style reports that Medina has been close with Joe for years. The magazine adds “an insider confirms to Life & Style that Joe’s relationship with [… Davana] goes far deeper than Teresa knows. “

Joe actually used to date Davana’s sister before he married Teresa,” reveals a former friend of Davana’s. The magazine claims “But Joe was very close to Davana, as well. He’s been at her house many times, late at night.”

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Just week ago, Teresa and Joe appeared on the cover of In Touch Magazine. The cover read “A wedding to save their relationship” adding “Teresa refuses to leave [Joe]“. The online preview of the news article claimed the couple renewed their wedding vows to save their marriage.

While Teresa gave the publication an exclusive interview, she was unhappy with the title. “[I’m] not happy about the In Touch cover title” she tells fans at the time. She adds “and we got married in 1999, not 2000, but I love all the pictures.”

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Teresa has yet to comment about any of the latest reports. But she consistently claims her marriage is intact. The couple recently renewed their wedding vows. Teresa said she renewed her vows to put rumors about their relationship to rest. It didn’t work. “Joe’s and my 12 year wedding anniversary is next month & we wanted to put the rumors to rest once and for all so we got married again!” Instead, the reports about the Giudice’s relationship continue.


  1. Reveler

    July 8, 2012 at 4:06 am

    That mystery girl definitely looks like davina if not her twin.

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