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Mexico vs Brazil 2011: Chicharito Battles Neymar in International Friendly

 Mexico vs Brazil 2011: Chicharito Battles Neymar in International Friendly

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mexico vs Brazil 2011 (en vivo 9:30 PM EST) battle in Tuesday’s International Friendly match. While Mexico vs Brazil 2011 is certainly not a FIFA World Cup (Copa Mundial) qualifying match, it may very well become the most watched soccer game tomorrow. News reporters’ heads and certainly soccer fans’ eyes are popping out from the packed schedule of soccer games Tuesday. There are nearly three dozen games in less than twelve hours from the European Championship Qualifying matches, the World Cup Qualifying games from the CONMEBOL, and the World Cup Qualifying football matches for the CONCACAF, to name a few. But one of the most anticipated game tomorrow is not even a qualifier: the international friendly of Mexico vs Brazil.

In fact, in recent months, despite the powerhouse of the Mexicans with Javier Hernandez, the incredible strength of Pablo Barrera, and the versatility of Giovanni Dos Santos, Mexico has struggled. It had a draw against USA, even a draw against Poland, and then a recent win against Chile. But the Brazilians have struggled as well. They had one draw and one win against Argentina, and one win against Costa Rica.

While lineups are not yet announced for tomorrow, Chicharito confirmed last Friday to news that will take the field against Brazil. “Chicharito is called to play with Mexico Team against Brazil on October 11″ his reps said in a news statement Friday.

Javier will battle against the powerhouse of Neymar. In recent international friendly matches, Neymar has delivered five goals, Javier Hernandez has produced seven.

But the key for the Mexicans tomorrow is their passing. Pablo Barrera is their best asset, with four assists on International Friendly action and Javier Hernandez with two. Chicharito delivered the goal in the draw against Poland and Oribe Peralta delivered the shot in the draw against the USA. Click HERE for live updates tomorrow.

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