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Cheri Olvera, Chuck Knoblauch Battle Twitter Breach

Cheri Olvera, Chuck Knoblauch Battle Twitter Breach

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Cheri Olvera (photos below) and Chuck Knoblauch battled a Twitter breach today. Today, Chuck Knoblauch told news that the remark about his wife Cheri Olvera was not posted to Twitter by him, but was the result of a breach. LALATE reported previously on the alleged attack by Padres Brain Giles against his then girlfriend Cheri Olvera. The matter prompted a $10 million lawsuit.

Chuck Knoblauch’s Twitter account at 1:30 AM Saturday morning featured a tweet that read in part that “I hate … dirty [women] like Cheri Olvera.” He has since confirmed to news that the account was breached, adding “Whoever … tweeted that nonsense is a coward.” He later wrote “Just gotta shrug and move on. It is what it is. I’m not worried what people think, I know in my heart what’s true. I’d never say those things.”

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In December 2008, shocking video was released of an alleged assault of Cheri Olvera by Giles in an Arizona bar. She alleged, in addition to the attack, that she was pregnant at the time. A civil suit was filed by Olvera, then 32, asserting that Giles was verbally and physically abusive her during their relationship.

The video was recovered by surveillance tape inside an Arizona bar in 2006. A police report claimed the man walking is Giles, who then allegedly pulls the woman’s hair, resulting in her falling thereafter.

Olvera’s attorney released the video in 2008 claiming that on the video you see Giles approach Olvera, pull her by her hair. Moments later you see the two heading into the hallway. Thereafter, someone is seen falling.

Giles won the lawsuit, finding that both Giles and Olvera committed domestic violence but awarded no damages to either. Giles was ordered the return of a $107,000 engaged ring. “We are greatly disappointed in the verdict as to the domestic violence claim, as we fear this could be seen by some as a license to abuse women, even in public, and walk out of courtroom smiling so long as you are a well known athlete with an army of attorneys,” Olvera’s attorney, Matthew Herron, said in a news statement at the time.

Olvera had sued for breach of contract and domestic violence. Giles had sued for alleged domestic violence, fraudulently writing checks from his bank account, and return of the ring.

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