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Alison Victoria “Kitchen Crashers” Prompts Confusion

Alison Victoria in Kitchen Crashers Prompts Confusion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Alison Victoria will debut in “Kitchen Crashers” Monday, DIY Networks reports to news. But is television programming ready for another “Crashers” show? With DIY Networks and HGTV equally splitting the “Crashers” TV brand across their two channels, the premise of the latest show appears to be redundant.

For seasons, fans have adored Yard Crashers featuring Ahmed Hassan. Hassan repairs yards and patios in need of desperate makeovers. And there is the always charming Bath Crashers featuring Matt Muenster. In a recent episode, Muenster put a remote control in a Seattle bathroom not just for a special television but also for an automatic shower and sinks.

While the broadcaster clearly had the “Crashers” brand making sense with Muenster and Hassan, viewers always got a bit perplexed with House Crashers featured Josh Temple. In constant episodes, when Temple confronts “unsuspecting homeowners in the home improvement store”, shoppers frequently told Temple they know about Hassan but have never heard of him. They frequently ask if Temple does Yard Crashers, prompting a hilarious disgust by Josh.

On House Crashers, Temple redoes rooms and kitchens. So what has the broadcaster done recently? It’s added Room Crashers with Todd Davis and now Kitchen Crashers.

So why does the broadcaster need a Kitchen Crashers when it was crashing kitchens with House Crashers featured Temple, and Room Crashers featuring Davis? The answer is not so clear. While DIY calls Kitchen Crashers a new show premiering this Monday, it appears to be just the same show, in the same room, with a different host.


  1. JustStatingTheObvious

    November 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    I’ve watched this show several times and I’m not interested in watching it ever again. This woman is CLEARLY on the show soley to attract male viewers and to flirt continuously with the male homeowners on the show! How distasteful and disrepectful toward their wifes and the families viewing the show! I mean, I get it she’s nice to look at but have some respect! Her way of approaching the couples on the show is in such a flirtatious manner that it becomes uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention she obviously doesn’t do any of the work and walks around in high heels throughout the entire kitchen crash. High heels while truly doing construction work…I think not! My dislike of her is not because of her looks but because of the manner and approach she takes toward the people on the show. If she were more appropriate in manner and approach I wouldn’t mind watching at all. But for the mean time I’m not interested.

  2. Bud Spina

    January 13, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Alison is a licensed designer. SHe is petite and “hot”. Having a show where the designer-host is “hot” should not be an issue for men or women. Alison certainly does do some of the work but has a crew to accomplish most of the labor (in three days). My wife also loves her for both her sex appeal as well as her design expertise. I wish she came to my house to renovate my kitchen. It would be awesome to meet her!

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