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Joe Giudice Leaked Pictures 2011 Shock Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice: EXCLUSIVE

Joe Giudice Leaked Pictures 2011 Scandal affair cheating mistress Shocks Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Joe Giudice is battling a leaked pictures 2011 scandal concerning a woman named reportedly named “Nicole”, Jacqueline Laurita allegedly warned Teresa Giudice this week. But the scandal might be a complete “setup”, Laurita wonders.  In fact, the Joe Giudice leaked pictures 2011 prompted Jacqueline to exclaim “another set up” on Twitter today.

The Joe Giudice controversy got a confusing introduction to fans today. Laurita had previously being commenting on Twitter about Melissa Gorga. So when Jacqueline began remarking about the other “set up”, many fans were left confused who Laurita was writing about.

Laurita told fans today on twitter today “Another set up? Gross.” Nowhere does Jacqueline Laurita use Joe Giudice’s name. Today she posted twitter message and text messages between her and Teresa Giudice leaving fans baffled who she is writing about.

Texts, Pictures Regarding Joe Giudice Set 1
Joe Giudice Photo 1

Joe Giudice Photo 2

Joe Giudice Photo 3

Joe Giudice Photo 4

But in the text messages was a key name: “Erin”. When you compare a September 29, 2011 news report about Joe Giudice, a single woman, and a source named “Erin”, Laurita’s comments become clear.

Jacqueline on Saturday posted screengrabs of an elongated text message between her and Teresa. The text message bares a time stamp of 7:51 PM and the name “Teresa Giudice”.

Texts, Pictures Regarding Joe Giudice Set 2
Joe Giudice Photo 5

Joe Giudice Photo 6

Joe Giudice Photo 7

Joe Giudice Photo 8

The text message reads “the person that sent me this has more. This is sad because it’s coming out, she said she sold the story.” Who is the girl being referenced? Later the text message explains a girl named “Erin” has pictures and that more pictures are about to be leaked to news. On September 29, a woman named “Erin” was the source of a news story (here) claiming Joe Giudice is cheating on Teresa.

Texts, Pictures Regarding Joe Giudice Set 3
Joe Giudice Photo 9

Joe Giudice Photo 10

Joe Giudice Photo 11

Joe Giudice Photo 12

The Jacqueline-Teresa text continues. “This show is a curse! I would never have wanted this for you never! Tell your husband I am not getting into your business and not to threat my husband. I didn’t take or release those pictures and I’m also not the one in them. I tried to stop them! … I was helping you! Don’t shoot the message! You were going to see them anyway, I just wanted to give you both a heads up to be prepared before it went public. She has a lot more. She may still release them. Don’t shoot the messenger. I think the girls said the girl he was with was named Nicole and she drives a white Mercedes car. She said that’s what they pulled up together in.”

Texts, Pictures Regarding Joe Giudice Set 4
Joe Giudice Photo 13

Joe Giudice Photo 14

Joe Giudice Photo 15

The text continues “I don’t want to get … lying and it’s not my fault. True story. Girl with the pictures is named Erin. I don’t know her last name. I won’t say more to you about anything. Best of luck with everything.”

Jacqueline does not indicate if the text message is from her to Teresa, or the reverse. It appears that the text message is being sent by Jacqueline to Teresa to warn her and Joe Guidice about more pictures taken by a girl “Erin” that Erin is allegedly about to release to news. Who is Erin and what do the pictures concern?

A quick perusal online reveals that on Thursday a woman named “Erin” was the source for a news story claiming that Joe Guidice is cheating on Teresa. With that story, two pictures were released featuring Joe sitting at table with another female. “Girl with the pictures is named Erin” read the Jacqueline-Teresa text message.

On Thursday, a woman named “Erin” claimed to news that Joe Guidice and another woman dined together. ” It was really intimate to see her touching his hands like that. They looked very comfortable and cozy together” said Erin this week.

Who is the female at the table with Joe? The Jacqueline-Teresa text message states ” I think the girls said the girl he was with was named Nicole and she drives a white Mercedes car.”

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