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Omaima Aree Nelson Photos Revealed, Poses Risk to Public

Omaima Aree Nelson Photos Revealed, Poses Risk to Public

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Omaima Aree Nelson (photos below) is in jail for eating her husband. If Omaima Aree Nelson is released free, she poses a risk to the public, prosecutors assert. The Orange County District Attorney’s office is not detailing what risk Omaima Aree Nelson poses to Southern California residents if she is set free. But the last time the former model lived in Southern California, she feasted on her husband’s ribs with a side of BBQ sauce, a jury previously found. She also confessed “Nothing tastes as good as the man I married.” Nelson is single, looking for love, and wants to be back in Southern California, free to dine wherever she wishes.

To date, eighty pounds of Omaima Aree Nelson’s husband remains missing. After Omaima Aree Nelson murdered her husband, neighbors claim they heard her garbage disposal running continually for days. Local residents saw Omaima Aree Nelson driving around in her late husband’s Corvette (colored red). Witnesses reported that Nelson went to a series of ex-boyfriend’s houses trying to dispose of her husband’s body parts.

When she couldn’t find a place to dispose of her husband, Omaima Aree Nelson dismembered him and skinned him. She then boiled, breaded, and deep fried his body parts, a jury found. She later told her psychiatrist that she dined on her husband, even dipping his ribs in barbeque sauce.

Los Angeles residents currently have nothing to fear because Nelson remains locked up at Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. But next Wednesday, she wants to be free to walk and dine in Southern California.

In 1993, Orange County Deputy District Attorney Randy Pawloski obtained a conviction. Nelson was once previously up for parole and denied. She now is seeking parole again next Wednesday. In the 1990s, a jury found that she had previously terrorized a former boyfriend and eventually married Nelson, a pilot, only for his money.

Omaima Nelson Pictures
Omaima Nelson Photo 1

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“This was one of the most gruesome and notorious crimes ever committed in Orange County,” Pawloski states in a writing to the parole board this month. “The victim … was abused, defiled and mutilated during and after the offense. … His murder was carried out … in a manner which demonstrates an exceptionally callous disregard for human life.”


  1. john okunlola

    August 21, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    omaima aree needs to ask for forgiveness from God because she has done a terrible thing. Murdering a creature you cannot create makes her an evil person. At the same time, i want the prison parole board and psychiatrist to do proper examination of her before release her to the society. Because she might become a hungry wild lion release from it’s den to feed on unaware prey.

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