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Leila Lopes Miss Angola Wins Miss Universe 2011

Leila Lopes Miss Angola Wins Miss Universe 2011

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Leila Lopes Miss Angola
(photos below) is the Miss Universe 2011 winner. Leila Lopes Miss Angola won the Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant moments ago. Before being named the winner tonight (la ganadora de Miss Universo 2011), some shocking results were revealed to news and viewers. Earlier in the night, special awards were handed out. Miss Sweden Ronnia Fornstedt won Miss Photogenic; Panama Sheldry Sáez won Best National Costume; and Montenegro’s Nikolina Lon?ar won Miss Congeniality.

Alyssa Campanella was America’s hope tonight. While Alyssa Campanella made the top 16, that is as far as she went in the competition. She made the top sixteen cut with Venezuela, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Kosovo. But those six women didn’t advance any further in tonight’s competition. It was a result that shocked news, and especially fans in America and Venezuela.

Miss Universe 2011 Pictures Set 1
Miss Universe 2011 Photo 1

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 2

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 3

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 4

Later in the telecast, a news announcement drew massive applause from the São Paulo audience. Miss Brazil (Priscila Machado) was heading to the top ten. Also advancing were Australia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Portugal. Rounding off the top ten were France, Ukraine, Philippines, China, and Angola.

Miss Universe 2011 Pictures Set 2
Miss Universe 2011 Photo 5

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 6

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 7

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 8

The telecast hosts included familiar faces for U.S. audiences, but not so famous faces for Brazilian audiences. Adrienne Maloof-Nassif joined Connie Chung as judges tonight while hosts included Natalie Morales and Andy Cohen.

Miss Universe 2011 Pictures Set 3
Miss Universe 2011 Photo 9

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 10

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 11

Miss Universe 2011 Photo 12

The top 10 finalists were Australia, Costa Rica, France, Ukraine,  Portugal, Panama, Philippines, Angola,  China, and  Brazil (Priscila Machado). In the final thirty minutes of the telecast, more good news came for the host country. Brazil advanced to the top five with Ukraine, Philippines, China, Brazil and Angola. But in the end, Miss Angola won tonight.


  1. alice

    June 24, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    to the indiviudal who said that Ms.Lopes had a nose job..based upon scientific studies Africans has the most diverse features..Black Africans could have a very skinny nose, thin lips to wide nose to full lips.. and according to facts Africa is the beginner of all mankind so you would except Africans to have the most diverse features…You should read a bit more… As to the other contestants who were complaining she didnt wear make up please grow up….You know what the real deal is they cant believe that a black woman or even a part black woman won….that what really bothers probably a majority

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