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Catalina Robayo Miss Colombia – Mini Skirt Photos Prompt Clothing Escándalo

Catalina Robayo Miss Colombia - Mini Skirt Photos Prompt Clothing Escándalo

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Catalina Robayo, Miss Colombia 2011, doesn’t wear underwear, and now its prompted a clothing escándalo in advance of Monday’s Miss Universo (Miss Universe) 2011 pageant. Catalina Robayo and her clothing choice prompted an immediate rushed announcement by pageant officials to contestants this week that they must dress appropriately or will be in beauty queen trouble. Ironically, this is not the first
escándalo to strike the pageant from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The underpants escándalo erupted after officials discovered that Catalina Robayo was appearing for news conferences evealing just a little bit too much. In fact, Catalina Miss Colombia revealed so much that her pictures have prompted entire Facebook accounts in celebration of her mini-skirt outfit.

While it remains unclear if Robayo’s clothing decision was appropriate or not for Brazil, it wasn’t inappropriate for Donald Trump. His organization quick gasped when they learned that Robayo appeared for news appearances and photographs wearing a miniskirt and no underpants.

Miss Colombia Pictures Set 1
Miss Colombia Photo 1

Miss Colombia Photo 2

Miss Colombia Photo 3

Miss Colombia Photo 4

“Our supervisors talked to all of the contestants about dressing appropriately, and one of our p.r. people spoke to her, and apparently she said she was wearing underwear,” Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe organization, said in a news statement this weekend “But regardless, it created quite a stir here for a few days.”

Making the story even more bizarre was the insertion of Andy Cohen’s opinion about women’s undergarments. The opinionated head of the “Housewives”, who chatted up Camille Grammer’s scandal pictures most recently, gave Robayo advice on how to keep her clothes on. Andy’s bravo advice to the future Housewife was “She’s really got to wow. And, she should probably wear undies.”

While Donald Trump has yet to produce a Latin telenovela, this telecast has already had two scandals. The previous drama erupted after Catalina Brazil Swimwear delivered (well, Brazilian) bikinis for the taping in Brazil that were too revealing for U.S. viewers.  Catalina wasn’t fired by the Apprentice host, but told to send less Brazilian, more American-like bikinis.

Miss Colombia Pictures Set 2
Miss Colombia Photo 5

Miss Colombia Photo 6

Miss Colombia Photo 7

Miss Colombia Photo 8

Of course, it makes you wonder what Geisy Arruda thinks of this miniskirt scandal. Two years ago Geisy Arruda was thrown out of Bandeirante University (La Universidad Bandeirante) in Sao Paulo, because of her own miniskirt. She eventually sued, won her case, got an apology, and eventually danced it up in Rio’s Carnival.

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