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Snoop Dogg Not Dead, Fake Death Spread by False Plane Crash Story

Snoop Dogg Not Dead, Fake Death Spread by False Plane Crash Story

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Snoop Dogg is not dead today. A fake Snoop Dogg death report is being spread by a plane crash story, in which the crash is fake, the airport doesn’t even exist, and the fiction is created by an automated template. Snoop Dogg follows Fidel Castro and Beyonce that have all been victims of fake celebrity death reports in recent days. Sometimes these reports are believed, in the case of Adam Sandler and Chingy. Sometimes, fans immediately , and correctly, passed them off as fiction, as was the case with Chris Brown and Jackie Chan reports. But many times, the means in which the fake celebrity death reports are spread are modified, luring in suspecting fans to believe the fiction is true.

While it remains unclear what prompted today’s Snoop Dogg death reports, one story online claims that Snoop Dogg has died in a private plane crash at Denver Peak-Regional Airport. Fortunately for Snoop and his fans, there is no such airport. “Musician, Snoop Dogg was believe to have been a passenger on the flight.”

LALATE readers will remember that “Actor Fidel Castro” just days ago was reported to have died the same fictitious death, at the same fictitious airport.

Both sometimes, reports that digress from the unbelievable templates of cut and paste format trick fans. Most recently, Beyonce’s death was erroneously spread by one trickster who took a screengrab of a popular news site, swapped in the singer’s face and a headline, and sent the image via Twitpic viral across twitter.

Also this summer, a popular celebrity’s death was spread by an author drafting an elaborate storyline. And in another occurrence, one website stole the entire template of a popular news site, even their brand name, to report a celebrity’s fake death.

Snoop Dogg isn’t dead. But like Chingy, Adam Sandler, and Fidel Castro, the fictional report is expected to reappear sometime soon, just with a different celebrity.

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