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Shakira Battles La Copa del Burro While on Tour

Shakira Battles La Copa del Burro While on Tour

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Shakira took time off her Tour of Mexico to enter the unofficial La Copa del Burro 2011. Shakira reveals to fans this week that she has an additional skill previously not disclosed: donkey riding. In entering what the hit maker dubbed “la copa”, Shakira proved she not only can entertain others but also her staff.

“I want to see the promoter of this race” she reveals this week. Shakira was concerned about getting injured for the remainder of her tour. “I don’t want to be thrown to the floor, I have three concerts left.”

Shakira told fans “I’m going to win the donkey cup!….We are going to ride some donkeys.” But moments later she exclaimed “ouch, he is going to bite me.”

After Shakira “qualified” for the finals, news asked her about her experience. “How does it feel riding the donkey?” asked the reporter. The singer responded “well, you should ask the donkey.”

Shakira ultimately didn’t reveal to fans who became the campeón of her first donkey cup. But considering sixteen thousand fans have applauded the video in just last four hours alone today, Shakira is definitely every fan’s winner.

Shakira is currently on the Sun Comes Out World Tour. The tour made news last year, grossing $16 million from twenty-three dates in just two months. For the current year, the tour is again making news, producing reportedly $40 million so far.

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