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San Francisco Earthquake Today Renews Focus on San Andreas Fault

San Francisco Earthquake Today Renews Focus on San Andreas Fault

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – When two San Francisco earthquakes struck today, California focus on the San Andreas Fault was renewed.
San Francisco, San Jose, and other Bay Area residents were shocked when, not one, but two earthquakes, several hours apart struck the region today. The news came less than a day after all eyes were questioning if San Francisco and the San Andreas Fault could suffer major plate movements again this decade.

A day ago, a nation was surprised to learn that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Mineral / Louisa Virginia was felt as far north as Connecticut and down to the Carolinas. Two of the biggest topics of discussions from yesterday’s earthquake were the New Madrid and the San Andreas Fault. Experts immediately advised residents that neither fault was involved in the Louisa quake yesterday.

The New Madrid fault in 1812 triggered a quake that felt across one millions square miles. But the San Andrea Fault in 1906 created a quake that spanned only six thousand miles around San Francisco. Since 1915, San Francisco residents have annually remembered its massive 1906 earthquake by gathering remaining survivors at Lotta’s Fountain .

San Francisco residents today experienced two quakes. A first quake struck minutes before midnight registering a 3.6 magnitude. Shortly before 10 am, a second quake of almost the same magnitude struck the region (map above).

USGS told news that today’s August 24, 2011 earthquake was centered around San Leandro, north of Castro Valley and Ashland. It was west of San Ramon, and east of Oakland and Alameda. Reports put the quake off Freeway 550 near the Knowland State Park close to the 98th Avenue exit. It was also centered just south of Sequoyah Country Club.

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