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Jane Fonda Confronts Mother’s Suicide – Frances Seymour Brokaw

Jane Fonda Confronts Mother's Suicide -  Frances Seymour Brokaw

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Jane Fonda’s mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw, committed suicide at age 42. After Jane Fonda opened up about her mother’s suicide during a TV broadcast last fall, Fonda is now examining that and other childhood memories in her new book hitting stores.

Jane Fonda previously told news that her mother’s suicide perplexed her. In fall 2010, Fonda told Oprah Winfrey that the cause of death for Frances Seymour Brokaw lead Fonda on a search for answers. Brokaw was in Craig House Sanitarium for the Insane in Beacon, New York when she committed suicide.

Fonda told news her first step was to search for medical records from Craig House. Fonda’s mother committed suicide when Fonda was twelve. Until Jane got the medical records, she had questioned what lead her mother to suicide.

“It changed my life… I knew it (her mother’s suicide) had nothing to do with me” Fonda told news. “We have this idea that it’s all our fault and my mother killed herself when I was 12. Suddenly I realized these were her issues, bless her heart.”

Fonda told news that the medical records answered all her questions. Her mother was troubled, not about her children, but about years of abuse. Fonda said that, upon learning those details, she wanted to embrace her mother and forgive her.

Fonda said that abuse consumes your body. She could never understand what her mother had undergone until she got those records. “Ah, that explains so much – the promiscuity, the plastic surgery, the hating her body, all of that.” In her new book “Prime Time”, Fonda explains that getting old means getting better. Fonda’s current boyfriend is Richard Perry, 69, a music producer.

She writes in her new book “Prime Time”, that she has always envisioned herself as a source of information for her grandchildren. “Her grandchildren love to tell her stories and to hear hers because she’s got some really good ones that contain sweet, hidden lessons about life. She has a conscious set of values and the knack to make them compelling to her young friends.”

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  1. Bill Martisius

    February 14, 2012 at 11:47 am

    I’m looking for information on the Brokaw clan. My mother Anna J. (Glass) Martisius who is 94 is related to the Brokaw line.

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