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Los Angeles Football Returning for NFL 2012 Season Seems Possible

Los Angeles Football Returning for NFL 2012 Season Seems Possible

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Los Angeles NFL football could return for the 2012 or 2013 season at either the Coliseum or Rose Bowl as a result of the Farmers Field Downtown stadium approval today. Los Angeles football must return to the City, with a NFL team relocating to our City, before construction on the Farmers Field commences, claims reports. There are two reported contingencies for the construction timeline that impacts when NFL football could be back here in Los Angeles.

Today’s approval for the Farmers Field stadium in Downtown Los Angeles carried with it a series of reported contingencies. They impact when a NFL team must be back in Los Angeles and when Farmers Field Stadium may begin construction. The contingencies were reportedly put in the plan by the City to ensure that the stadium is built only after an NFL team is inked and reportedly only after LA City buildings are built by AEG. While some of these details were initially covered on LALATE several weeks ago, there are new elements revealed today.

First, the Farmers Field Stadium reportedly may not begin construction until after an NFL team has agreed to move to Los Angeles, and has made the move. For example, if it’s the future Los Angeles Chargers, the team must play in Los Angeles while the stadium is being built (2012-2016).

Where will the team play while Farmers Field is being built? Whether it’s the Rams, Chargers, Vikings, or Jaguars, they are expected to play in the Coliseum during the construction of Farmers Field. The City is reportedly more interested in sending the team to the Coliseum, than to the Rose Bowl, to regenerate the property.

AEG’s  NFL Football Stadium Set 1
Stadium Design 1
Stadium Design 2
Stadium Design 3

Second, another report claims that Farmers Field stadium will be built after AEG finishes constructing the new Convention Center sections for the City on City-owned land. ESPN reports “AEG will construct and operate on city-owned land on Cherry Street and Bond Street. AEG has agreed to finish these projects before beginning construction on the stadium.”

While that statement has yet to be confirmed, it appears contradictory to other timelines. “If construction of the Convention Center and parking structures begins sometime in June, those buildings are expected to open sometime in the summer or fall of 2013, at which point the West Hall of the Convention Center would be demolished and construction of Farmers Field would begin on the site, with September 2016 being the targeted opening date.”

AEG’s  NFL Football Stadium Set 2
Stadium Design 4
Stadium Design 5
Stadium Design 6

Other reports, however, claim that the two construction sites can continue simultaneously with Farmers Field starting in 2012 and finishing in 2016. And how about the Super Bowl in Los Angeles for 2016? The NFL has yet confirm that news, but that timeline for the year also seems unlikely.

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