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Casey Anthony Ohio Spotting in Youngstown, EXCLUSIVE

Casey Anthony Ohio Spotting in Youngstown, EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Casey Anthony has been spotted in Ohio, not in Columbus, but Youngstown, by an LALATE reader. Casey Anthony’s Ohio spotting follows initial reports herer that she would be staying in Northern Ohio. In July, LALATE first reported that Casey Anthony’s flight pattern suggested Northern Ohio, specifically the region around Youngstown, Austintown or Canfield, would be where Anthony would most likely show up.

Over the weekend, one LALATE reader wrote Anthony was spotted in Youngstown. “Casey Anthony was spotted by me at Handles Ice cream…” wrote the resident. “I yelled out “Casey” she turned and hurried to a waiting car so the good people of y-town [Youngstown heard it].”

Casey was born in Ohio, her family is still in Ohio, including her aunt and uncle Kathy and Charles C. Eddy Jr. But those family members don’t live in Columbus. Rather their homes and businesses are north east.

The plane which transported Casey from Orlando to Columbus allegedly is owned by a person in the automotive business in Columbus. Anthony’s uncle, Chuck Eddy (aka Charles C Eddy Jr), is Region III Vice Chairman of NADA (the National Automobile Dealership Association). He is also on the Board of Directors of NADA representing Ohio.

But Kathy and Chuck Eddy, residents of Canfield, tell news they do not know where she is. While the Eddy family live in Mahoning Valley, Casey Anthony’s family lived west in Trumbull County.

The Anthony family has connections to Austintown and Youngstown. Both cities house dealerships own by the Eddy family (Austintown Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and Bob and Eddy Chrysler Jeep Fiat of Youngstown).

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George Anthony was a former Sheriff’s Deputy for the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office. George and Cindy Anthony married just south in Niles, Ohio. George Anthony even once tried to win the seat for Trumbull County Clerk of Courts. George Anthony also had previous ties in Howland, Ohio (residence) and McKinley Heights (for work).

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Meantime, is Anthony going back to Florida for her check writing fraud case? The judge under fire in that case is on a one week break, local news reports today. On Monday he ordered her back to Orange County within 72 hours.

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Anthony’s attorneys in a motion late yesterday said “The order was fraudulently entered. There was no attempt to notice the defendant or her counsel (however, the media had ample notice), the defendant has not signed the order as required, and the statement on the order was not filed during any proceedings in open court, as stated in the order.”


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    August 3, 2011 at 9:52 am

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