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Stacey Farish – Jeff Lewis Client Twists Flipping Out Season

Stacey Farish - Jeff Lewis Client Helps Save Flipping Out Season

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Stacey Farish, Jeff Lewis’ horrible new client, has turned Flipping Out this season on his head. Farish’s introduction comes after a series of lackluster storylines pursued by producers concerning the not-so-entertaining boyfriend Gage Edward. Dubbed as “Stacey of Sunshine Terrace”, Farish – based upon viewer reaction here –  proves that Flipping Out has lost it focus, now bringing in a homeowner to insult Jenni Pulos. While Farish made news in fall 2010 after her promotion at the LA Times, she also made news in Jeff Lewis remarks before this season.

Farish, in 2010, made news after Lynne Segall, vice president, entertainment and luxury, left the Los Angeles Times. The Times made three sales promotions following Segall’s exit in May 2010. One of the promotions was Stacey Farish to VP of media and live entertainment for the LA Times.

While Farish clearly understands media and entertainment, Bravo was skeptical of her during filming. Jenni Pulos, without naming names, told news before this season that “There’s one client this year that’s just by far trumped any client Jeff has ever worked for.” Readers here are particularly irate tonight about Farish’s comments towards Jenni. They are additionally disturbed that Bravo allowed Farish to swing insults at Jenni.

Most readers called her a bully and slammed Bravo for her addition to the season. “Even if I didn’t like Jenni (which I do) I think this … [edited] … is a bully.” One reader was angry at Lewis to include her in the season. “I adore Jeff, but I think he takes advantage of Jenni’s good nature.” Another added “I wish for once that Jeff Lewis would fire a client starting with this one.” As to Bravo, one reader wrote “[Stacey] needs to take a lesson from Jenni. Bravo wanted to make T.V. at the expense of Jenni. Not nice.”

On tonight’s show, Farish wanted to change Pulos, from the hair to the wardrobe, and encourage Jeff to sideline one member while keep another. In the end, viewers hoped this was Farish’s one and only episode.

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Lewis, before the season, said that one client, presumed to Stacey, produced such memorable tape during filming that Bravo was skeptical. Lewis said Bravo called series producers during taping and claimed Stacey was playing up her antics and tv persona for the cameras. She reportedly wasn’t.

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Lewis said her character will surprise viewers. But by the reaction of viewers, Farish didn’t surprise viewers; she angered them, greatly. As one reader wrote “I am so glad she made people feel the way I do.” Online pictures also listed her previous position HERE and HERE.


  1. Michelle Henschel

    July 24, 2014 at 7:17 am

    Stacy LOOK in the mirror you…! Jenny is worlds out of your league of bottom feeding …. antics! I could accept this behavior from someone that actually looked better than her possibly but YOU ARE JUST …. ! The jealousy you must feel towards her must be just staggering!!#Delusional… #Fugly #SpacyStacy

  2. angela

    September 11, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Stacey is so ugly . Stacey makes the ugliest dog look cute lol

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