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Casey Anthony Hustler PHOTOS

Casey Anthony Hustler PHOTOS

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Casey Anthony Hustler photos could become a reality after Larry Flynt offered Anthony a huge deal Friday. Casey Anthony party photos (pictures below) have been online for years. During the time, Flynt has denied any Hustler photos deal for Anthony; Hugh Hefner has equally refused any Playboy pics deal for Tot Mom. But now, Flynt is changing his mind.

Casey Anthony Hustler photos would be Anthony’s easiest payday since an ABC deal in 2008. Casey Anthony has reportedly only made one deal since her criminal trial began. In 2008, she and Jose Baez inked a reportedly six figure deal to license images of Anthony and daughter Caylee Anthony to ABC News. The license didn’t require any interview from Anthony.

Now Anthony has been offered a similar deal. Larry Flynt has offered Anthony $500,000 to pose unclothed in Hustler magazine. The deal is structured with an upfront payment of $500,000 and a backend deal. The deal would give Casey Anthony ten percent of the income from her issue. Flynt would not detail if the ten percent is of magazine sales, advertising sales, or both. Flynt said he made the offer after an enormous number of magazine subscribers requested Casey Anthony appear in his publication.

Casey Anthony Party Pictures Set 1
Casey Anthony Party Photo 1
Casey Anthony Party Photo 2
Casey Anthony Party Photo 3
Casey Anthony Party Photo 4

Insiders claim the total deal could be worth around $750,000. As previously reported on LALATE, Anthony has absolutely no confirmed firm deal from anyone as of this date, beyond Flynt. Allegations of a $1.5 million offer to Anthony , a $5 million offer, and a network TV bidding war have all been fabricated says the networks and Jose Baez. Today Flynt said the same.

The Flynt spread would not be accompanied with any interview. Casey Anthony would not have to explain herself, or the death of Caylee Anthony, or the alleged abuse by George Anthony. All she would have to do is act like party girl Casey Anthony, embrace the Bella Vita for Flynt.

Anthony has yet to comment about the deal.

Casey Anthony Party Pictures Set 2
Casey Anthony Party Photo 5
Casey Anthony Party Photo 6
Casey Anthony Party Photo 7
Casey Anthony Party Photo 8

But in 2009, Baez didn’t want her party photos to be online for fear they would impact jury selection. In March 2009, a circuit court judge ruled that photographs of Casey Anthony already online since 2008 and at time of ruling can remain public.

Baez had argued that the pictures are highly prejudicial and cast Anthony in even a worse light than the already released. Anthony’s attorney told the court at the time “My client’s right to a fair trial is in jeopardy”. The court responded “I guess my question is, how do I stop news from being news?” So would Jose Baez, once opposed to the party photos, now agree to Anthony to contract with Larry?

Casey Anthony Party Pictures Set 3
Casey Anthony Party Photo 9
Casey Anthony Party Photo 10
Casey Anthony Party Photo 11
Casey Anthony Party Photo 12

Anthony’s court did rule that five hundred jailhouse letters between Anthony and other inmates would not be admissible for her trial. Casey wrote the following in one such letter “I was a great mom!” She added “I love my daughter with everything I have. I would give my life to have her back, even for five minutes.”

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