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Casey Anthony Book Could Be Worth Less than Jose Baez Deal

Casey Anthony Book Could Be Worth Less than Jose Baez Deal

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Casey Anthony book deal could be worth less than a deal for Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. While a Casey Anthony book deal has dominated news in recent days, if history repeats itself, Casey Anthony’s attorneys may end up getting the biggest publishing payday. Yet, the potential book that might end up selling more copies is one possibly by Roy Kronk or even Jan C. Garavaglia (aka Dr. G).

Casey Anthony has been the focus of reports about a potential TV news interview deal. But LALATE has detailed that big bucks will come, not from television, but from the publishing world. But could Anthony’s attorneys, individually, get bigger deals than their client? Yes, if history repeats itself.

Potentially the greatest indicator of the market value for Casey Anthony books is the O.J. Simpson case and those publishing deals (time adjusted). However, Simpson did not secure a publishing deal after his not guilty verdict, but many years later.

Simpson was reportedly paid an advance on “If I Did It” of $3 million. But years earlier, the attorneys on his case got paid the same amount, or even more. Robert Shapiro was reportedly paid $1.5 million. Johnnie Cochran got $2.5 million. But the biggest payout went to one of the prosecutors, Marcia Clark, at a whopping $4.5 million.

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Could Baez end up getting an advance comparable to Marcia Clark? With market and time adjustments, don’t be surprised if Baez gets far in excess of a $5 million deal and Mason slightly less. Neither have confirmed any negotiations of a book deal.

But news reports claim that Baez has signed with literacy agent Richard Pine of Inkwell Management. Reports claim that Pine is currently shopping that deal currently. Baez confirms he has met with “various people”. But he would not indicate for what industry. Baez has reportedly been approached for salary positions as well, including a job as a television analyst.

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And while the focus might be on Anthony’s book, the biggest seller might be from the people whose stories have yet to be fully told. OJ Simpson cop Mark Fuhrman was one of the most successful authors in the Simpson saga, explaining one of the most contested sets of facts from that trial.

Who might end up turning the most pages? Roy Kronk, George Anthony and especially Jan C. Garavaglia (aka Dr. G) could be the biggest sellers. They too have contested facts that have to be fully explained.

Dr G is potentially the mirror to explain to readers how Caylee Anthony died. Readers may turn away from books that work as soap boxes for Casey Anthony and Co. to tell their same defense story again. And readers may end up purchasing books that seek to answer questions into Caylee’s death.

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Dr. Jan Garavaglia during the trial was concise, logical, easy to comprehend, and straight forward.

When asked how she had determined Caylee had died of a homicide, she said “three main items”. First, she said when a child is not reported immediately, that suggests something is wrong. She said a parent has a duty, and a natural reaction, to report their own loved one missing.

Second Dr. G said no child dies accidentally with duct tape on their face. Finally, Dr G told the jury that the location that Caylee was found suggested murder. Dr. G said that Caylee was “tossed in a field to rots in bags”. She added that the person who placed Caylee’s remains in the forest was trying to hide the body. Moreover “putting Caylee in a bag is indication for it to be hidden.”

Beyond reports of Baez securing a publishing agent, no other parties have yet confirmed they are pursuing book deals.

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  1. Ellie

    August 12, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Will boycott anything from Casey Anthony, her family AND her sleazy defense team……… Will boycott the product and the sponsors………….. NO BLOOD MONEY FOR THESE VULTURES

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