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Paraguay vs. Venezuela 2011 Copa America Rivalry Gets Renewed

Paraguay vs. Venezuela 2011 Copa America Rivalry Gets Renewed

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – The Paraguay vs. Venezuela 2011 Copa America (en vivo on Univision) semi-finals winner today will face Uruguay this weekend in the finals. Today’s Paraguay vs. Venezuela 2011 lineup already shocked futbol fans and news critics last weekend when favorite Brazil lost to Paraguay in the quarterfinals. Paraguay today becomes the only third-seed team in Group Action to advance to the semi-finals. But could soccer fans see a Uruguay vs. Paraguay finals match on July 24?

Paraguay vs. Venezuela features an unlikely paring of teams today. It’s also the rematch of their showdown in Group play. On July 13, Paraguay vs. Venezuela first met in this Copa America 2011. The game ended in a draw. The match proved that Venezuela can score fast, and early. It also proved that both teams have enormous scoring potential.

In the July 13th showdown, the two teams delivered six goals from six different players, spanning the first five minutes to the ninetieth minute of action. It became one of the most memorable Group games. Not only did the draw advance Paraguay to the quarterfinals, it also produced one of the highest scoring games of this Copa America, ending with a 3-3 score.

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Rondon scored for Venezuela at the five minute mark. Thirty minutes later, Alcaraz scored for Paraguay. Later Barrios’ goal for Paraguay put them up 2-1. But then, the action heated up. After Riveros delivered a goal at the eight-five minute mark for Paraguay, Venezuela battled back with two goals in five minutes. Down 3-1, Venezuela scored with Fedor four minutes after Riveros. One minute later, Venezuela scored against with Perozo.

Paraguay’s draw put it in third place for Group B, and advanced it to the quarterfinals. Against Brazil, Paraguay shocked fans again. The game ended regular time scoreless. In penalty kicks, Paraguay advanced.

So will soccer fans on July 24 see a Uruguay vs. Paraguay finals, or a Uruguay vs. Venezuela finals? Paraguay this Copa America has been a shooting powerhouse. In its first match against Brazil in the group action, it scored two goals, again minutes apart. Santa Cruz and Valdez delivered points six minutes apart in the second half.

Start time of this semi-finals match is en vivo at 8:45 PM EST, 5:45 PM PST. When Paraguay takes to the field tonight, it will have a roster that has delivered goals from many different players, and against some of the hardest opponents in this Copa America.

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    July 20, 2011 at 1:50 pm


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    Paraguay vs. Venezuela

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    Paraguay 0-0 Ecuador (03/07; Copa America)
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    Brazil 0-0 Paraguay; 2-0 pens to Paraguay
    (17/07; Copa America)


    Brazil 0-0 Venezuela (03/07; Copa America)
    Venezuela 1-0 Ecuador (09/07; Copa America)
    Paraguay 3-3 Venezuela (13/07; Copa America)
    Chile 1-2 Venezuela (17/07; Copa America)

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