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Hormiz David, Ramina Badal, and Ninos Yacoub Dead in Vernall Fall at Yosemite Park

Hormiz David, Ramina Badal, and Ninos Yacoub Dead in Vernall Fall Yosemite Park

LOS ANGELES (LALATE)- Hormiz David, Ramina Badal, and Ninos Yacoub are confirmed dead in Yosemite. The three were in Merced River when they were taken over Vernal Fall. As of midday today, the bodies of David, 22, Badal, 21, and Yacoub, 27, have not been found.

The Mist Trail near Vernal Fall has reopened after Tuesday’s tragedy. At 1 pm PST yesterday, officials were alerted that at least one hiker had been taken over Vernal Falls. Local news reported that two hikers had gone over a guard rail. Seeing the two in peril, a third hiker tried to save them; all three were swept away.

An undisclosed number of children were with the hikers at the time. Park spokesman Scott Gediman tells news that details are still uncertain. He described two of them had gone beyond the protective guard rail. But other witnesses say one person had slipped into the water and the other two jumped in to save the first person.

Throughout Tuesday, Park officials were unsure if two or three persons died on the 317 foot drop of Vernal Fall. Park officials tell news that The Mist Trial is often slick but still safe. Over the years, over a dozen people have fallen into the river and swept to their death. Michael Ross, who handles tours, says the trail is safe, so long as people stay on the designated path.

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