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Cadborosaurus Willsi – Alaska Loch Ness Monster Consistent with Bownessie Reports

Cadborosaurus Willsi - Alaska Loch Ness Monster Consistent with Bownessie Reports

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – New reports of Cadborosaurus Willsi aka Caddy are consistent with 1930s police reports of the Loch Ness monster and news reports of the English Loch Ness Monster, dubbed English Nessie or Bownessie or Bow-Nessie, from February this year. Cadborosaurus Willsi has been depicted on new video released last night on Discovery, taken in 2009. In the video, Cadborosaurus Willsi appears distinctly similar to Loch Ness and Bownessie; its movements are the same; and its positioning in the water is comparable.

And yet, news analysts today are far more accepting of Cadborosaurus Willsi that reports about Bownessie from February.

In April 2010, news reports of a letter by William Fraser were revealed In it, the 1930s chief constable of Inverness-shire Constabulary wrote an official memo to his staff as a Scottish police chief.

The critical letter included an admission. He claimed this staff of police officers had determined that Loch Ness was real, “beyond doubt”. He added “That there is some strange creature in Loch Ness seems now beyond doubt.”

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Bownessie, in contrast, has been spotted several times this decade.

In 2009, the English Loch Ness Monster was spotted on Lake Windermere by Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington. They claim the creature’s movement was swift, roughly 10 mph. Between 2004 and 2009, there were eight sightings. Some witnesses called Bownessie as boasting humps, skin of an eel, and roughly twenty-feet in length.

Like last night’s report about the Cadborosaurus Willsi, Pickles and Harrington said Brownessie had a series of humps, skin the texture of an seal, and a peculiar shape never seen among water creatures.

Cadborosaurus Willsi is also described the same as the creature spotted by employees of CapGemiini in February. Steve Burnip, a 2006 witness, told news earlier this year that “I know what I saw, and it shocked me. It had three humps and it’s uncanny–the likeness between this and what I saw five years ago.”

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