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Jasmine Waltz Tape Leaked Online

Jasmine Waltz Tape Leaked Online

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Jasmine Waltz tape is being released online, despite Waltz’s alleged surprise. When news of the Jasmine Waltz tape struck this week, Waltz said she wasn’t just surprised. Rather, she claims she was “absolutely shocked”. But who is Jasmine Waltz?

In 2009, Jasmine Waltz photos dominated news after she was spotted in Paris alleged romancing Ryan Seacrest. Waltz, a bartender/actor, has acting credits which included The Box, Cheerleader Massacre, and Jasmine. At the time that news reported her and Seacrest, she was a bartender at Los Angeles establishment Guys bar and formerly of Les Deux and Bella.

By July 2010, Jasmine Waltz was back in the news courtesy of Lindsay Lohan. “A waitress just hit me. Punched me for no reason” tweeted Lindsay Lohan at the time. Lohan was celebrating her birthday at an establishment where Waltz was bartending.

Waltz denied the encounter in a news interview with Access Hollywood. During that interview, she gave the memorable quote about Lindsay Lohan, calling her a “disturbed little train wreck [who] is delusional.”

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In fact, Waltz from 2009 to 2010 was repeatedly the subject of reports claiming she resembled Megan Fox. Lohan, following the Access Hollywood news interview, fired back at Waltz. “She’ll (Jasmine) never be as pretty as Megan Fox – who apparently she says she ‘looks like.’ ” Waltz would also be linked to Jesse McCartney and Chris Pine as well.

But in October last year, Waltz was back in the news, “dating” David Arquette during his split from Courtney Cox. “[Relations] with Courtney is scheduled to a certain degree, its methodical to a certain degree, and so full of love … it’s so beautifully passionate” said David at the time.

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