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Teresa Giudice is Pregnant with a Boy?

Teresa Giudice is Pregnant with a Boy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Teresa Giudice pregnant with her first boy? Is there fabulicious, happy wife happy life, pregnancy news for Teresa Giudice and husband juicy Joe Giudice? If you read the cover of In Touch magazine this week, you might be inclined to believe that Teresa Giudice is pregnant with her first son. But, alas, Teresa Giudice only wants to become pregnant.

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, or apparently now Teresa Giudice, celebrity news magazines love to publish “wanting to be pregnant” covers as suggestive that the celeb “is in fact pregnant”. In the last year, LALATE has detailed that line of stories reoccurring on OK! Magazine with Jennifer Aniston.

In April, 2010 fans were shocked when an OK Magazine cover read “Finally, baby for Jen”. “Jen very much wants to have a baby girl. She had a heart-to-heart with friends and relatives and admitted this is the year she’s going to become a mom.” The shocking news ended with Aniston never giving birth.

But in June, OK gave birth to the story again. The story fertilized once again in August 2010 and then was reborn in March 2011.

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Jen was never pregnant the half dozen times the OK! covers hit newsstands. The same was true for other covers from other magazines for Kardashian and Simpson. This time the subject is Teresa Giudice. It’s the same angle just a different celebrity.

The comparison is obvious. The April 2010 cover for OK! read “Finally a Baby for Jen [Aniston]” in bold yellow font. The July 2011 cover for In Touch reads “A Baby Boy for Teresa [Giudice].” If true, it would have been her fifth child. But the report is false. Teresa is “hoping” to have another baby, just not in the next week when the issue hits supermarket shelves.

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