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Skylar Deleon – Power Ranger Extra’s Death Sentence Revisited

Skylar Deleon - Power Ranger Extra's Death Sentence Revisited

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Skylar Deleon, a Power Ranger extra, received a death sentence in 2008. A new report claims Skylar Deleon’s sentence was upheld this week. Deleon had admitted guilt throughout his 2008 trial in the hope of being spared a death penalty sentence. But in November 2008, Deleon received exactly that.

Skylar Deleon appeared in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series. After a series of news reports incorrectly listed him as a Power Ranger cast member in 2008, LALATE first detailed that Deleon was merely an extra on the popular series. In fact, Deleon had no lines of dialogue.

In Santa Ana courtroom in 2008, Deleon was charged with murder and murder for financial gain in the deaths of Tom and Jackie Hawks. The couple had sought to sell their $440,000 yacht in Newport Harbor in 2004. Their desire was to get the money and retire for the rest of their life in Arizona with their grandson.

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Deleon, instead, saw the sale listing and plotted to steal the boat, rob the couple of money, and kill its owners. Deleon was accused of taking the boat on a test drive with the Hawks, having the Hawks sign over ownership of the boat under duress, taking $50,000 cash, killing his victims, and tossing their bodies overboard near Mexico.

After being charged, Deleon confessed to the murders of Tom Hawks, 57, and his wife Jackie, 47, and of John Jarvi. Deleon admitted to the crimes, but argued sentencing based upon an alleged life of abuse.

“He’s had a horrible, horrible life,” said his attorney at the time. He claimed that Deleon’s father abused him and died of AIDS. The court was not convinced. In October 2008, the court convicted Deleon of three murders. One month later he was sentenced to the death.

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  1. Wanda (Roy) Weaver

    October 12, 2013 at 8:34 am

    In 1991 my brothers, sister and myself lived in huntington beach. Our mother signed us up for “the actor’s studio” a business that taught people how to act. My family and i met john jacobson and his dad there. We had visited them at their apartment a few times and heard stories of his dad being part of the mob…they were supposedly in the witness protection program and that they had left new york. His dad had said he owned a mansion and that littlee john was taken to school by limo. None of my family believed any of that but as kids in our teens still were intrigued by the stories they told. Stories of celebrities…elaborate parties and drugs. We had known them for about 2 years and his dad would say he was an entrepeneur trying to make big bucks. He had rented a spot in the local pumpkin patch where he sold hamburgers and sodas. I was 19 and he would as me to go out with him. Of course, i was not interested in a middle aged man romantically. My family and i had never actually seen emotional or physical abuse in the 2 years we knew them. When this story aired on 20/20 we were shocked! There was John Jacobson aka “Jon Liberty” cuz his dad thought it sounded like ” the all american boy” just horrendous that this kid grew up to be so heinous! Who could’ve known. They lied about everything they did…said…where they lived and how they made money…so its hard to believe he tried to say his life was so horrible growing up that it would justify his actions! He’s where he belongs.

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