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Ginette Matacia Lucas – Caylee Anthony Psychic Reveals Discovery

Ginette Matacia Lucas - Caylee Anthony Psychic Reveals Discovery

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Ginette Matacia Lucas aka Ginette Lucas detailed her Caylee Anthony discovery, through psychic efforts, on Nancy Grace tonight. Ginette Matacia Lucas’ work on the Caylee Anthony case was revealed to news first back in January 2009.  But tonight, Lucas revisited how she used remote dosing to allegedly tell investigators where Caylee Anthony’s remains were.

“What I do, because I’m a female […is] you start with your landmark” she told news tonight. Ginette Matacia Lucas said her landmark was the Anthony family house. “The house is the landmark” she told Nancy Grace this evening. Grace asked what paranormal, or psychic, techniques, Lucas used to learn of the location of Caylee’s remains.

“I used a pendulum… I got a teddy bear” she added. Lucas said she got into bed with the teddy bear and had a “dream incubation”. Grace asked Lucas what that meant.”You want to see the item that you are looking for [in the dream]” Lucas detailed to news.

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In 2009, she told news that Dominic Casey was interested in her services. “Eventually one day … I called Dominic right away… I have your fast and the final” she said. “I told him to go over to the area where an abandoned house is.”

She said she informed Dominic to go to the Casey Anthony house, make a right, go to the end of the street and “go to where the abandoned house is.”

Grace asked Ginette Matacia Lucas extensively if she had ever seen the location of Caylee’s remains herself. Lucas said “no”. She told Grace that she made the revelation over the phone, never in person.

“Is it true that you had a teddy bear that belonged to Caylee Anthony?” Grace asked. “Yes.” Grace added “Did you use it?” Lucas replied “I touched it…. I didn’t get much…. I went to bed. Had a dream about the location.”

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She said that, while sleeping with Caylee’s teddy bear, she had a dream where Caylee’s remains were located. The next day, she told Dominic where he should look for Caylee.

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She jumped out of the bed at 3 am in the morning and quickly called Dominic. She told him “I got it, I want you to check it out right away.” In her dream, Ginette Matacia Lucas claims she learned that Caylee was left in two garbage bags.

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